Which Desk Chair Suits You? Decide For Yourself With The Latest Designs

desk chair made of wood trend
modern variations for office

After our editorial team has provided a comprehensive overview of the work environment, we would like to focus on the right choice of the appropriate desk chair. In this article you will find designs that you will see every day in your environment. We will give you detailed information about the modern desk chairs. Color combinations are part of the… Read more »

Superfood – Surrounded By Myths And Yet Quite Real

Avocado green vegetables
Food superfood

The modern man nowadays lives dynamically and in many cases stressful. He often feeds unhealthily, takes a little to eat during the day, so as not to lose time at eating. Every well-informed and sufficiently intelligent person knows quite well, this is totally wrong! This is like a devil’s circle from which it would be difficult to get out. If… Read more »

The Perfect Barbeque – Designers Will Tell You What You Need To Consider

outdoor grill
cool light design

Choosing an appropriate grill is not a difficult task today, because the optics are not the top priority for many. In Germany it is mostly grilled outside and when you are done, the cover comes on it and the grill is positioned on the side of the house. A systematic process that is sometimes much too boring for the guests… Read more »

Bandana Tie For An Extraordinary Outfit In 29 Examples

bandana tie colored accents
ideas to bandana tie long hair decorate

Accessories are the extra to the outfit. If the clothing seems to be neutral, this first aid will help make the look simple. Through a few accents one appreciates its overall appearance in turning around. Thus, in addition to jewelry, sounds and cloths can save a boring look. Bandanas are perfect for this. Let’s see how to get a bandana… Read more »

Bedroom Country House Style – 55 Examples Of Cozy Bedroom Design

bedroom country house fireplace recreation corner dekokissen
living room bedroom white carpet stone wall country house style

Are you a follower of the rural style ? Because today we are dealing with this topic: It is about how to set up the bedroom in country style. Have we piqued your interest? Then stay with us for a while and look at our bedroom country house style furnishings. Perhaps you will inspire your own bedroom! The rustic style… Read more »

Focus On South-East Europe – Every Holiday Trip To The Southeast Is Worthwhile

South-East Europe holiday trip in September
South-East Europe holiday trip Ljubljana

“Traveling means discovering that everyone is wrong with what they think about other countries”Aldous Huxley, Engwish” We have you beautiful destinations in Northern Europe and also has three worth seeing Cities in the European Southwest where you can spend a wonderful holiday in September. But there are many other places on the old continent, where you can go in the… Read more »

The Right Lighting For Best Autumn Mood

lighting living room indirect lighting light carry
lighting living room indirect lighting exterior lighting

Autumn approaches and the days are not only colder but also shorter. Together with the cold the darkness also increases. And since our being reacts so sensitively to light and colors, our general mood decreases and we become sad, sluggish and even depressed. The light deficit and its consequences our ancestors knew very well and have learned to honor the… Read more »

Halloween Decoration In 44 Examples – Dive Into The Real Halloween Mood

halloween deko entrance decorate beautiful ideas
halloween deco bats living room decorating fireplace

Do you expect the next Halloween with impatience? Well, it’s coming soon! And did you prepare for the feast? Certainly, you have something with which you can catch your eye! Let us not forget, this festival is not only associated with an attractive appearance, but also requires a suitable decoration! What is a festival without the decoration? Just nothing! Halloween… Read more »

Select A Pan According To The Most Important Criteria

Select a pan and cook healthy
choose the correct criteria

Kochfans know from their own experience that Kochlust is a prerequisite for a successful lunch or dinner, but appropriate cooking accessories create the basis for cooking! Cooking is fun when the atmosphere invites! Pots, pans, knives, kitchen help… All this belongs to the world of cooks. That is why today we have not focused on recipes and recipes, but we… Read more »

42 Impressive Lighting Ideas For A Charming Wall Lighting

indirect wall lighting indirect lighting wall decoration decoration ideas
indirect wall lighting indirect lighting wall decoration deko ideas20

When designing a room, one should be particularly concerned with the choice of lighting, because, as we have already reported in previous articles, the targeted lighting design plays a decisive role in the overall appearance of the room. The light has a direct effect on the mood of the people and that is exactly what you can use as a… Read more »

Halloween Decoration Ideas – 33 Inspirations As You Create Authentic Halloween Mood

halloween decoration ideas for the entrance gourds and broom
halloween decoration ideas for the entrance in black and orange

October 31, the eve of All Saints, is the feast of ghosts and witches. This is from America, Halloween parties and the typical Halloween atmosphere have long been a tradition in Germany. Halloween is getting closer and closer and it is time to consider an original Halloween decoration again. Because it is certain: to bring Halloween mood to the apartment… Read more »