Eastside Park Loft – A Striking Construction Project From Frankfurt

Building with lofts frontal view
loft building view from the other side of the river

In this article we introduce a mixed use building in the east harbor of Frankfurt. Originally it was intended as a factory. However, due to historical circumstances, it has never been used as such. Rather, it was used as a hospital and later as accommodation for workers. The task was to renovate this historic building and supplement it with a… Read more »

Industrial Warehouses – A Treasure Chest For Upcycling Ideas

upcycling ideas diy lamps old technology
upcycling ideas diy lamps meat wolf

You do not have to be a steam punker or develop an affinity with the industrialist in order to be inspired by the beginning of the last century. Rather, one should have sharpened his eye for the extraordinary charm of durable raw materials. Only then can one recognize and consider them special – the establishment of the old factories. Many… Read more »

Wedding Guest Dresses For Ladies In The Style Of Boho Chic

blue white splendor wedding guest dresses
colorful color pattern wedding guest dresses

The spring is getting closer and thus the high season of the wedding celebrations. As always, we strive to pick up this important topic in time! In recent weeks and months, we have already written about the latest trends. Thematic festivals, such as the green wedding , as well as other simple and individual topics at the wedding celebrations are… Read more »

Planting Balconies: These Tips Will Save You From Disappointment

Beautify balcony planting prospect
Modern Decoration Balcony Decor Planting Also Generous Emejing Planting Pot Kubeln Terrace Gallery House Design

When you plant your balcony, you have to consider a lot of different circumstances. It’s not much easier than building a small garden. In some ways, it may even be more complicated. If you dig through the variety of information on the Internet, you can easily lose the thread and finally ignore essential aspects by mistake! That’s exactly what we… Read more »

Gardening Ideas – Living Outdoors Requires Classic And High Quality Garden Furniture

garden design ideas functional folding furniture
garden design ideas wicker furniture oval garden table wood

Winter is soon over and gradually you start looking for new garden ideas for spring and summer. It makes you think about how your own garden is well cared for, so that the evenings with family and friends are more pleasant… But the right garden furniture has a large share of the good mood in the open air! Classic and… Read more »

Spend A Romantic Valentine’s Day For Two – Great Tips For It

Valentine's Day
Romantic breakfast in bed Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is already here and every human being in love wants to pleasantly surprise his partner (s). The more romantic and fun moments you spend with your partner, the more beautiful your Valentine’s Day will be! Would you like to do something special with your partner to celebrate your love for this day? Do you have great ideas or… Read more »

Candle Light Dinner Not Just For Valentine’s Day

candle light dinner ideas salad recipes for valentines day
candle light dinner recipes appetizer valentine's day

A romantic candlelight dinner with your lover can be magical or turn into a”nightmare”. Eating too much can be hard to stomach and ruin the nice atmosphere. Do not try to stuff your partner with food, because you want to have a passionate and unbridled stallion next to you! Since ancient times, people have found that the food is erotic… Read more »

Balcony Garden: Basic Tips For Successful Balcony Design

Balcony garden railing
Balcony garden kongtrastreicher effect

The balcony garden is often our only natural paradise in the urban jungle. Even if you have very small surfaces, you should be careful when designing them. At first glance, the balcony design with plants seems simpler than the usual garden design. However we have here about little space and there are many essential stylistic issues to consider. In a… Read more »

The Wall Wallpaper – How A Photo Wallpaper Completely Changed The Room…

wall mural photo wallpaper bedroom beautiful landscape
wall wallpaper sleeping area photo wallpaper colored carpet plants

If you miss a wall design in your modern apartment to admire, consider wall murals! These classics in wall design undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on space and atmosphere today! Especially the photo wallpapers! These were especially popular years ago and today are a nice alternative to empty walls! But make the right choice for your trendy wall wallpaper! Create… Read more »

Decorating Dining Table For Valentine’s Day For Pure Romance

dining table decorating heart plate flowers white napkins
dining table decorating valentines napkins bright colors

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and if you are still wondering how to best express your love, then look for something classic! Material Valentine’s Day gifts are not always the best idea to pleasantly surprise a loved one. Often even adventure gifts stay in your memory for much longer…. For example, a romantic dinner is the perfect opportunity to express… Read more »

Painting Stones And Creating Mandala Pictures – 42 Mystical Examples

manala pattern stones you paint
Manala pattern stones paint tinkering with natural materials before after

Painting stones is a favorite pastime for many people who want to be directly inspired by nature. The creative crafting of natural materials is carried out with enthusiasm at any age and can happen practically everywhere, even spontaneously. The surface of the stone is easy to paint and tolerates any kind of colors. This feature is used by Mandala designers… Read more »

33 Times About Love – Love Quotes That Move!

Editor   February 8, 2018   Comments Off on 33 Times About Love – Love Quotes That Move!
Love quotes shared love doubles
Love quotes ready to give love

All I need is love! The Beatles’ world-famous song goes around the globe every day and sings the most beautiful human feeling – love! Love is in the air and nobody can remain indifferent these days. Different thoughts circle around the human head, old, almost forgotten emotions come to the foreground, gentle feelings of love find their perfect expression. So… Read more »

Wall Design Ideas For A Party, Wedding And Other Festive Events

Editor   February 8, 2018   Comments Off on Wall Design Ideas For A Party, Wedding And Other Festive Events
Zebra and wall design ideas
wall design ideas materials

The festive occasions happen more often at our home! Instead of expensive restaurants and events places, many people opt for cheaper alternatives. You can invite more guests and make them part of your party. In this context, DIY wall design ideas are especially hip. With few resources, you will customize the simple ambience and make it look stylish. Here are… Read more »