Make Recycling, Build Bird Food House, Reduce Waste – 42 Creative Ideas

upcycling ideas recycling tinkering refuse reduce bird feed house build yourself
Recycling tinker bird feeder house build garbage reduce cans

There is much and more talk about the environment and its current situation. How can you reduce the waste and produce much less of it yourself? In the last article we gave you some great ideas on how to create great new and beautiful things out of useless plastic waste and paper. Today it’s about how you Build bird food… Read more »

Vintage Tiles Give Every Room An Individual Charm

vintage tiles bathroom fresh pattern
vintage tiles fresh pattern floor wood look

The old has long been modern again. Vintage tiles are a popular design element in modern interior design. And not without a reason: they are a great way to make living space comfortable! So they appear in almost every room: in the living and dining area, in the bedroom and bathroom, in the hallway and in the kitchen. Would you… Read more »

50+ Little Tattoos For Women: The Most Beautiful Motifs For Your Subtle Tattoo

lotus flower font tattoos women
three dots tattoo finger small tattoos women

Small tattoos for women have always been popular. For some time, but they are definitely fully in vogue. Especially tattoo novices and women who would never get a tattoo, opt for a filigree, discreet tattoo. On the one hand, the small stitches do not hurt at all and on the other hand they are generally not so noticeable. Depending on… Read more »

Sustainable Travel – Definitions And Useful Tips

Sustainable travel Sustainable life Inhabited travel destinations Sustainable tourism How is it possible
sustainable travel sustainable life popular travel destinations planning route planning

It is normal that the first time you are a bit confused in front of the word combination”sustainable travel”and not know at first. That’s because you first start thinking about sustainable life. You live, think and naturally continue to consume. However, this already happens with a much more conscious attitude to life and a much clearer responsibility of nature and… Read more »

Beautiful Murals That Bring The Serenity Of Nature Home

mountain landscape water murals
lake landscape with rocks murals

There are such themes for wall design where the line between the banal and the fascinating is so narrow. This is probably true for the murals in XXL format with depictions of nature. Something like that had already grandma in the apartment… But on the other hand, they are often so beautiful and bring a lot of peace and relaxation… Read more »

What To Do Against Cravings: With These 7 Tips You Can Stop Any Bingeing

what to do against hunger for sweet
healthy dark chocolate what to do against hunger

Who does not know them – the horrible eating bouts that always just come out of the blue. One can hardly think of anything other than the delicious chocolate bar or the juicy vanilla pudding with extra cream. And every one of us has often wondered: what to do against cravings? Namely, especially when the desire for food is sweet… Read more »

Modern Murals – A Few Fresh Ideas To Pimpen The Apartment For Spring

modern murals spring deco living room
modern murals spring deco living room 1

Each interior needs some decoration to offer its residents and guests a beautiful and homely atmosphere. By a beautiful wall design to achieve this is particularly easy and effective. Especially in the spring! That’s why today we want to draw your attention to the wall decoration and especially to the murals. They have a great attraction and effect on anyone… Read more »

The Variety Of Plant Stands – From Our Upcycling Series Of Ideas

Plant stand upcycling ideas klosch├╝ssel paletten 50er
Plant stand upcycling cool

It may seem strange to you to make a theme out of the inconspicuous plant stand in terms of exterior or interior decoration. However, even though they are completely improvised, plant stands can have a major impact on the overall design. One should know, however, that a flower stand is much better, if you use it as such. What does… Read more »

Ground Cover Against Weeds: Which Plants Are Suitable For This?

evergreen groundcover juniperus horizontal creeping juniper
Muehlenbeckia axillaris black-fruited wire shrub

Using groundcover against weeds in your own garden is a great idea. These types of plants are generally considered to be robust and easy to maintain, they defy the sun and cold, grow in perennials and are usually perennial. Over time, they form a so-called cushion on the floor and just do not give unwanted plants a chance. Depending on… Read more »

Look Carefully At The Color Scheme In The Nursery!

color scheme nursery soothing colors shades of green zig zag pattern
color scheme nursery yellow purple color combination bright walls

Color shades have different color effects and everyone knows that. This should be done with care back and forth. Especially in the nursery… Because here many and different activities are fulfilled, which makes a harmonious color scheme nursery necessary. Of course, especially the needs of the child are considered. Thus, the color concept in the nursery requires long and precise… Read more »

Beautiful Ceilings Influence The Feeling Of Space!

beautiful ceiling living room fancy design
beautiful ceiling dining room ceiling colored flowers

The interior design focuses particularly on wall and floor design. But the ceiling gives a great freedom to express his creativity. So the ceiling design can turn into a key design element, if you take some time to find the best solution for each room. Beautiful ceilings even determine the character of a room in most cases. By attractive decorative… Read more »

Kids Birthday Ideas:”Bunny Ballerina”Games And Deco!

kid birthday ideas dancing child
hanging planets kids birthday ideas

Here is a theme for those who somehow miss kid’s birthday ideas on our website. Admittedly, we neglected them a bit due to the many other solemn occasions. Stay tuned! The following ideas for games and decoration are especially suitable for fans of original combinations. We have on the one hand the so popular ballerina theme. But so that the… Read more »

Mother’s Day Gifts – Put A Smile On Your Mum’s Face

Great Mother's Day gifts ideas
Mother's Day presents beautiful flowers

A beautiful festival is approaching, which is expected by big and small worldwide, and that is the Mother’s Day , On the second Sunday in May each year, we celebrate in honor of our loving mothers and show them our appreciation and thanks for all their everyday accomplishments. After following the origins of this holiday over the years and explaining… Read more »

Mother’s Day – A High On Our Dear Moms!

Mother's Day 2018
Mother's Day flowers celebrate small gifts

Young and old are looking forward to the coming feast of all mothers worldwide. Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated every second Sunday of May in honor of Mother. This year, the festival falls on the 13th of May. As time runs out, loving fathers, sons, daughters and grandchildren are planning a nice party for Mom, because she deserves it. They… Read more »