Spend A Romantic Valentine’s Day Together – Great Tips For It

Valentine's Day
Romantic breakfast in bed Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is already here and every person in love wants to pleasantly surprise their partner. The more romantic and funny moments you spend together, the more beautiful your Valentine’s Day will be! Do you also want to do something special with your partner to celebrate your love for this day? Do you have great ideas or can’t you think… Read more »

Paper Lamps – Buy Or Do It Yourself?

paper lamps uniques design
paper lamps pendant lamps uniques design

Colored paper lamps decorate the room What do you think of paper lamps? Lighting plays a decisive role in the interior design of your home. The right choice of luminaires and their correct positioning can drastically change the look of a room. The lighting knows different types and prices. From the really expensive designer lamps to the DIY paper lamps… Read more »

Bring A Fresh Breeze Into Your Interior!

It is midsummer and outside the sun shines heavily during the day. Surely you’d rather be on the beach now than at home, right? In the following, we will show you in text and pictures how you can introduce a strong holiday feeling into your interior. Everyone can do that, if they find the right color scheme and put it… Read more »

How Can You Make A Small Garden Look Bigger?

Each one of us dreamed of living in a palace and having a beautiful, well kept garden. However, the housing situation in Germany looks different and we all know it very well. Who has a garden to the house, which can be appreciated as lucky. No matter where your property is located, in the city center, on the edge or… Read more »

10 Healthy Foods For A Flat Stomach

healthy food great great breakfast
delicious bananas healthy food

If you want to reduce belly fat, then you need to do some things at the same time. On the one hand, you should definitely certain sports exercises do. In addition, you would have to make some changes in your diet. For most people, the second aspect is a bit more difficult. But we have very good news: you do… Read more »

Create Moodboard: A Great Tool When Setting Up

Create moodboard as work equipment
create moodboard for mode

Creating a moodboard is a creative, exciting activity that can give wings to your own creativity and imagination. Ideas and emotions are visualized and developed on this”mood board”. It is a sort of visual collage that represents a patchwork of different ideas. It could be about a creative project in the fashion industry, a kind of installation, a service or… Read more »

20 Inspirational Table Decoration Ideas For Creative Hobbyists

Tischdeko Ideen Tischordnung Placement set for coloring red with tassels
Table decoration ideas table arrangement arrangement of children from cork

When it comes to table top ideas, most people already look away and stop reading. Frankly, we found here, at Fresh ideas, the topic is not particularly attractive, but then we discovered something great, which we would like to share with you, our readers. In the following, we offer not only original suggestions for home-made table decoration, but also many… Read more »