Corner Bath – The Most Important Criteria For The Right Choice

The small living spaces have been a trend for many years. This also applies to the facilities that prove to be suitable. A corner bath belongs in more and more cases. Because it can give you a perfect spa and bathing experience even with limited space. Again, if not selected and installed in the right way, it could affect the… Read more »

The Infrared Heater: For Cozy Warmth And A Modern Wall Design

A cozy interior not only lives from a coherent color concept and decorative highlights. While modern furniture and a well-thought-out choice of colors contribute to a harmonious image, other senses need to be addressed for a proper feel-good atmosphere. Be it with scented candles, which create an atmospheric ambience with their fine touch. Or through the deliberate use of sound… Read more »

Cardamom Effect And Application According To Ayurveda

When we talk about cardamom, many people think of a wonderfully fragrant spice and are therefore absolutely right. The cool-sweet perfume scent of cardamom is due to the high proportion of essential oils and is associated with the exoticism of Arabic and Indian cuisine. As many of us know, the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda comes straight from India. The nutrition… Read more »

Lavender In The Pot – Care Tips And Important Facts

It can not be that there are people who can not recognize the lavender plant. The lavender flowers just in full splendor and enchants all passers-by with its floral scents. Some may only know the lavender from the world-famous paintings from Provence, but even these help one to be able to recognize that particular plant again. Today we want to… Read more »

Kids Party DIY Ideas -“Golden Snitch”for Harry Potter Fans

diy ideas materials and ideas
Diy ideas cut out the wings

Simple DIY ideas for children’s birthdays have many advantages. For one, they allow us to focus on the other aspects of party preparation. Moreover, they can often be realized together with children. This in turn will encourage the little ones to be more independent and even their own creative jewelry ideas to realize. Today we have something special for Harry… Read more »

Find The Perfect Dirndl For The Oktoberfest: New Trends And Important Tips!

young girl with dirndl at Oktoberfest
beautiful dirndl trends with white dirndl blouse

To think too early about the Oktoberfest? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The preparations for the new traditional season have long since started, because it is always just: After the Oktoberfest is in front of the Oktoberfest! If you are already looking for trendy Oktoberfest clothing, then you are right here. Because today we… Read more »

Great Lemonade Ideas That Make Breastfeeding A Wonderful Experience!

strawberries and lemonade lemonade ideas
frozen ideas lemonade ideas

Recently we have again on our website on the great importance of good hydrogenation pointed. Above all, you should drink plenty of water, but in addition, healthy juices without sugar are very good for our good health. Lemonades with delicious fruits would provide us with minerals and vitamins while quenching your thirst. So that it does not get boring and… Read more »

What Does One (not) Know About The Lemon Geranium And Its Use?

lemon geranium blossom
lemon geranium leaf femininity

One can write long and in detail about the healing powers of plants and there will still be something to add. It is fascinating how many plants we see every day and even use for culinary purposes, have a beneficial effect on us. For today’s article, we have chosen the many benefits of lemon geranium. However, we will endeavor to… Read more »

Magpie Test In The Garden? So You Can Effectively Distribute The Magpies

elsterest in the garden elster distribute while eating
elsterest in the garden elster distribute theft

Even if one waits eagerly for the summer and can hardly expect the warm days and nights in the garden, one should expect also with robbers and pests. You do a lot of work in the garden and the more you do, the more beautiful the popular garden will be. That’s why he is also attractive to uninvited guests and… Read more »

Luxury Vacation In A First Class Villa By The Sea Or In The Mountains

Luxury seaside holiday rental first class property
Luxury vacation Villa Bonita Barbados

Vacation time is the best time of the year, we often hear our friends and colleagues say. Yes, that’s true, but under one condition! Besides, you would not mind looking at the surrounding area comfortably from the bathtub, right? It must be well planned in advance for the holiday to be beautiful and to be remembered for a long time…. Read more »

Manuka Honey – A Natural Remedy From New Zealand

The Native Americans of New Zealand have always known the healing powers of the Manuka tree and of course benefited greatly from it. Also known as South Sea myrtle, the delicate flowers of the exotic tree provide a huge playing area for hardworking bees. The honey extracted from the South Sea myrtle tree is considered a panacea in New Zealand… Read more »

The Right Bathroom Mirror: A Small Guide To Help You Make Your Purchase Decision

Bathroom without bathroom mirror? Unthinkable! Because modern bathroom mirrors are among the most important accessories of a stylish and practical bathroom. There are also some of the most commonly used items in our home at all. The smooth shave, the chic hairstyling when leaving or the perfect make-up for everyday life – everything works so much better in front of… Read more »