Architecture For Dogs – Strange Beds, Kennels And Toys

architecture for dogs original structure relaxation corner wood

Designer collection for dogs brought in by Kenya Hara

Do you have a pet? If so, you are here in the right place. Have you ever thought to design an original piece of furniture for your little critters? The Japanese designer Kenya Hara has designed a project that is named as “Architecture for dogs” – a curated collection of homes and beds for our pets. Hara has worked together with 11 architects, and they all decided for it to make furniture for a special breed of dog. Then created the designer holiday corners and cookies based on the behavior characteristics of this breed of dog.

Last December “the architecture for dogs” was exhibited in Miami and it plans to further develop this collection by experimenting with new designs and architectural designs. Check our today’s post and convince yourself of the advantages of “architecture for dogs”!.

Architecture for dogs

architecture for dogs original devised regulations basket

A real hammock for your pooch

architecture for dogs original beds made hammock

Compact Dog Kennel wooden

architecture for dogs original wooden house made

Orange hanging Kennel

architecture for dogs original orange surface made

Game device and installation that is refreshed by some flower pots

architecture for dogs original shelf construction devised game

Ergonomic recliner for particular breeds of dogs fitted

dogs original bench seat made architecture

Wooden structure for dog games

dogs original animal games made architecture

Soft, cuddly bed in white

ceiling white dogs originally devised suitable soft architecture

The stage and the impromptu red carpet

dogs original stage mirror architecture

This installation is like a maze

dogs original stage game pet wood pipes architecture

Go for a walk with the dog in a baby carriage (equipped with a sunshade)

dogs original rolling car sun protection architecture