Are You Afraid Of Dogs And How You Can Overcome Them?

Why are some people afraid of dogs and how can they overcome them?

The dog is often called man’s best friend. Why are then so many people afraid of this great house pets? 3.5% of people suffering from panic attacks, which occur at the sight of dogs. That makes some really dangerous situations even worse. Known to be the dogs can sense fear and they are then more aggressive.

What is the fear of dogs and how can she be overcome?

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Find the root of the problem

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Most children feel afraid of dogs at an age between one and three years. In the following years this subsides slowly.

If the children at this age have a traumatic experience with dogs, this can become a phobia.

Many therapists who work with their patients to overcome the fear of the dog, first check to see if there was such a traumatic experience.

The trauma can be created at a later time.

First determine where the fear comes

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You can try it yourself first! Try to remember when you have felt fear of dogs for the first time. Ask your parents if there was a traumatic experience in your childhood?

If this test does not work well, then it may involve a wider phobia, which includes not the fear of dogs, as well as animals or wildlife in General. It may be because that you were in your life too little with these pets in direct contact.

Solution of the problem step by step

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Go responsibly as a parent! Teach the children afraid of dog. Avoid expressions like “do not go to the dog!” or other unfounded warnings, which teach the kids to feel very afraid of these animals.

Children and dogs

fear of dogs pets dog breeds and children

fear of dogs pets children and dogs

If the phobia it is, try not to deny this. To make everything worse. Try more in everyday life to deal. Try it more realistic to consider the situations with dogs. There really is a danger in a specific situation or rather not?  If it is not so dangerous, then you approach the animals. The harmless will help you to overcome your fear.

Accept fear

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In everyday life, the morbid fear of dogs can represent a real challenge for many people. It can lead to limitations. For example, some people can not so relaxed sports in the Park make.

Together find your favorite things friends and acquaintances with the same hobbies, which have no fear of dogs, and practice.  Their behavior will help you to assess the situations more realistic and accordingly slowly to reduce your anxiety.

Go with people walking or jogging, which have no phobia

fear of dogs pets dog breeds evil dogs

How long can the process of overcome?

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In some people, the fear of dogs will overcome within a few weeks and in other months. But by no means put himself under pressure. It is important that you take small steps to overcome fear.

The dog is man’s best friend indeed

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