Cat Furniture By Meyou Are At The Same Time Chic Home Accessories

design cat furniture Meyou Guillaume Gadenne Aude Sanchez

Designer cat furniture by Meyou

Our pets deserve the best. We believe that is why we dedicate this post the welfare of domestic cats.

Actually, what does a House cat? If you have already a John, probably know the cats day plan healthy breakfast, good morning games, sleep, lunch, afternoon sleep, dinner, evening games, a bit of time to purr and flatter and then sleep, sleep, sleep… get up early,

So cats spend a lot time in sleep and when they are awake, they are like in the games. Assuming house cats need a fairly comfortable bed and a few toys. Also these two aspects be taken into account in the design of cat furniture . And sometimes the aesthetics in the background remains. To be but not necessarily. There is also furniture for cats, enrolling in a modern décor seamlessly. Let us imagine the Meyou cat beds…

Stylish cat beds can spice up your interior design

design cat furniture Guillaume Gadenne Aude Sanchez

Cats enjoy the Meyou cube

Meyou cat furniture house cats at play

Modern cat furniture, ensuring the comfort of pets and are at the same time great home accessories make product designer Guillaume Gadenne and Meyou founder Aude Sanchez. You’ve designed 3 minimalist cat beds – the cube / dice, the ball / ball and the bed / bed. All are made of natural materials in France from a Paris organization that helps disabled people and provides jobs.

Aude Sanchez and Guillaume Gadenne

cat furniture Meyou Designer Guillaume Gadenne Aude Sanchez

The bed / bed

Meyou cat furniture by Guillaume Gadenne

The cube / the cube

Meyou cat furniture sphere with metal frame

The ball / ball

design cat furniture Meyou House cat

Stylish furnishings for demanding cats

Meyou cat furniture cat bed sphere

The elegant cat beds have a sustainable design and consist of wood, cotton and felt completely natural materials. The ball and the cube look very similar and represent a cocoon with frame. As the name suggests, the cube is a cube-shaped metal frame. And the part of the ball has an irregular shape and consists of wood and metal. The bed is, however, quite different – a canopy bed for cats, which resembles a wooden stool with a felt top. Cuddly soft pillow of course provide a quiet cats sleep.

Canopy bed for cats

Meyou cat furniture cat bed design

Designer cat beds

Meyou cat furniture by Guillaume Gadenne and Aude Sanchez

The cube white – a stylish design

designer cat bed cat furniture Meyou

The designer cat furniture by Meyou Paris will be available since March 2016 at a price of approx. EUR 180. Further accessories such as scratching posts are also in the process of development.

Treat your cat an exceptional experience and is even a stylish home accessory. So, living together is even more fun!

Designer furniture for cats

Meyou cat furniture designer Guillaume Gadenne

Geometric shapes as inspiration

Meyou cat furniture by Guillaume Gadenne white sphere

Looks like the construction of the ball

design cat furniture Meyou cats bed

Meyou Paris makes your cat happy

Meyou cat furniture by Guillaume Gadenne Aude Sanchez