Cat Furniture Design – Funny, Creative Cat Hiding Places

cat furniture design cat bed soft sandwich

As you know, the 8th of August is the International Cat day, therefore we now you want, a few days later, represent this whimsical cat furniture designs. Among those, choose the best piece for your favorite pet. Always you can give your cat a mouse toy or salmon Pate, but the right piece of cat furniture is a meaningful and durable pet gift!

All cats love the cozy hiding places or secure vantage points, as well as furniture, that serve this purpose. The litter box or the tree are two of the most necessary cat accessories and you can also as designer pieces on the market.

If you don’t like dogs, not cats, you can check our further contributions on the topic of pets . Have been similar pet furniture, show it to us! Much fun!

Katzenfreundliche bookcasesCat furniture design

cat furniture design bookshelves wall

Small bedroom for cats

cat furniture bedrooms design funny bed

cat furniture original gift pets

Cat bridge – Indiana Jones

cat furniture hanging hammock petscat furniture design comfortable sleeping

Game table for cats

cat furniture dining table solid wood stashcat furniture wave shapes hiding table

Scratching post

cat furniture Egyptian cat scratching post

Hammock under the Chair

cat furniture design chair hideout

Tunnel sofa for cats

cat furniture cushion Orange green design sofa couch

Multifunctional cat bed

cat furniture Dresser credenza sideboard

Passage for cats

cat furniture wood design climbing yellow wall decorationcat furniture design metal Panel writing

Planters and cat hideaway

cat furniture flower pot design hideaway cottage

Coffee table and hammock in a

cat furniture wood design cat bed coffee table glasscat furniture glass top ergonomic pets

Cat bed heaters

cat furniture hanging hanging design deck

Sideboard for cats

cat furniture floor lamp modern design furniture sideboard

Grass table for cats

cat furniture eco-friendly design plants tablecat furniture legs design dining table dark

Katzenfreundliches House

cat furniture wood design slide cats tree

Cat tent

cat furniture design cardboard hideaway tent

Ergonomic cat bed

cat furniture cat Lounger ergonomicCat furniture design modern smooth deck

Rocking chair for you and your cat

cat furniture owner design chair original

Chest of drawers for cats

cat furniture cat apartment design DresserCat furniture design white Dresser

Hanging playground for cats

cat furniture wood design animal games climbing wall

cat furniture design happy happy playful

Egg case for pets

cat furniture comfortable hideout

Cat way outdoors

cat furniture design house metal facade

Cat House shelf – Catissa

cat furniture wood modular shelves

Pet bed – shark

cat furniture hideaway bed cuddly