Cat House Made Of Felt? 23 Unusual Ideas For Your Dear Cat!

Impressive cat house designs – your cat will fall in love in this menagerie!

Do you like animals? Do you have a pet? If you are the owner of a cat, then this article could spark your interest! Because we want to introduce some fascinating ideas for cat houses. They are created by the Ukrainian Yuliya Kosata and make an unforgettable impression. If you place a high value on works of art, you estimate this high… Because this cat houses are so real masterpieces!

Cat House made of felt – the cat to provide a private place

cat House yuliya kosata felz modern

How does it sound you to tinker a menagerie of felt? Yuliya Kosata shows that it is possible. She has created a beautiful collection of cat houses, which brings young and old in fascination. Cats as well!

Cat House – the menagerie can be a real masterpiece

tierhaus build Charis kosata orange

Secure the pet privacy and comfort

tierhaus build Charis kosata red felt pets

Yuliya Kosata is a creative nature. She started with painting and sewing. Then the passion for photography has packed them. Then a trip to Nepal the pleasure in it, woke up felt different to tinker. About 8 years ago, it has the beautiful forms for the first time and figures made of wool for discovered, which has aroused the curiosity in you, how messing at all from such materials. Since then she focuses like felt figures. Wool seems to be a material from which are warm and lively creatures. This activity requires much effort, creativity and skill. Each project is individually and it is often necessary to change this in the course of work. At the end, but always something magical and beautiful results.

A masterpiece or a menagerie?

Cat House Apolinario kosata purple design felz

Cat House in beautiful shades of blue

Cat House yuliya kosata blue stripes felt

Cute design, from the fairy tale inspired

Cat House yuliya kosata felz blue blumendeko

The artist reveals that is difficult to explain it, how come the ideas for their projects. However, her head is always full of beautiful ideas, which they want to realize. It is not always easy to achieve the ideas; the feeling of creating something yourself, is all worth. Her real pleasure to create a world of its own, with their own hands. Their offbeat works can be found on etsy.

Cats feel here like at home

cat House Apolinario kosata felz gray cat

Very cuddly and cozy

Cat House yuliya kosata thematically purple nuances felt

Such a menagerie will arouse the curiosity of your cat

cat House yuliya kosata blue nuances of fresh home ideas

You can see the modern ombre style on this model here

cat House Apolinario kosata felz blue shades

Striking design and stark colors

Cat House yuliya kosata felzhaus yellow

A design that inspires fascination

Cat House Apolinario kosata felzhaus pets

Pillow-like cat House in stripe pattern

Cat House yuliya kosata pillow similar stripes purple blue

Something atypical design in blue

Cat House Apolinario kosata felzhaus whimsical form

The little cats enjoy themselves in a small animal house

cat House Apolinario kosata green felt House kitten

Everyone has his own…

Cat House Apolinario kosata Green Black Cat

Fresh ideas for the menagerie

Cat House yuliya kosata felzhaus red cozy comfortable

Menagerie that resembles a pumpkin

Cat House yuliya kosata orange pumpkin similar

Make your cat happy

cat House Apolinario kosata Orange felt House

Living design in green

tierhaus build Charis kosata green felt

Menagerie with motifs

cat House yuliya kosata white grey failed

Pamper the love pet

tierhaus Wendy kosata extravagant design build

Gentle shades of purple and stripes

tierhaus build Charis kosata purple felt House