Cat Tree THE ONE – Exclusive Design And Perfect Ergonomics

cat tree cat Tower the one design modern minimalist furniture for cats

Give your cat more comfort and joy!

Who wants to keep a cat in his apartment, get around hardly buying a cat tree. The cats find always a place to sharpen their claws. It is better they do it because where we want it.

But the problem starts only. Unfortunately, most scratching trees don’t look that you like is in his living room. In the storage room they are useless but, because the cats like to reside where ‘their people’.

The cat Tower THE ONE solves this problem in a very elegant and good-looking way.

He is a real cat tree. The cats can climb inside and out, they have many hiding – and game opportunities. He offers a viewing platform and protected sleeping and resting places.

cat tree cat Tower ergonomic furniture for cats

And at the same time, THE ONE cat furniture is a real piece of furniture in a modern design. It fits not only into a modern home furnishings, but also enhances it. THE ONE is an eye-catcher. With its versatile and open construction, he looks different from every angle. It serves both as a design object, room dividers and eye catching.

The cat furniture is available in 2 sizes: sizes L for normal cat breeds and the version XL for large breeds such as the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest cats. Also, households with more than 2 cats will have their joy on the XL cat Tower.

cat tree cat Tower cat furniture anthracite elegant design

The design of cat trees are made from sturdy MDF panels and covered with scratch-resistant coating. Here you can choose between white and anthracite but also special colours on request available. A solid wood variation from light pine wood is available. Sisal covers, which are currently available in 3 different colours (natural, silver and black) are the most important part. The high-quality sisal rugs are glued inside and outside fixed with the cat Tower and offer the popular scratch surfaces the cats.

the one cat Tower modern white

Thus, the other valuable furniture will be protected. The cats can pursue your favorite pastime, scratch, play, doze or watch your surroundings and still be near their loved ones.

The idea for the cat Tower is a young Swiss architects. He has developed the cat Tower for its own cat. A Swiss couple later acquired the production and distribution of cat trees. Meanwhile, the two after Spain emigrated and produce the modern cat trees at a small factory in the South of Spain.

Order it can be comfortably via the Internet on, they are delivered by forwarding all over Europe straight to your home.

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cat tree cat Tower whitecat tree cat Tower the one cat furniture modern cat tree cat Tower the one white modern design cat furniture online order scratch Tower cat tree scratching post the one cat tree, cat furniture online white cat Tower the one

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