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Exclusive dog cottage designed by Judson Beaumont

The Canadians Judson Beaumont is known worldwide for its unique pieces of furniture and works of art. What but few people he know he is an exceptional pet lovers, and that is enough reason to his collection by caravans for pets.

As Straight Line Design, a representative of the design studio he suited an exclusive and this funny series for the various breeds of dogs.

Cool caravans for pets

cool caravans for pets designs

Dog houses of different sizes and constructions made of ecologically clean materials which can easily edit, without polluting the environment.

Even the designer Beaumont admits he has designed this collection for pet because of his passion for animation by Walt Disney. “There is not a piece of furniture including pet furniture that I can not conceive” — he deals yet.

Take a look at the illustrated designs if you want to give your pet dog a new home. As soon as possible, we will then contact the designer.

Colourful wooden plates and food trays cool caravans pet camping

Caravans for small dog breeds dogs caravans for exotic pets idea

Oval shape

caravans for pets painted yellow blue

Pink-painted wooden boards

Cool caravans for pets House

Be it original and enhance the comfort of your shy

Hundhaus caravans for pets small sweet

Metallic gloss

cool caravans clean materials pets models

A collection of caravans cool caravans forms pets roles mobile

Open window – caravans for dogs, which can be used in outdoor areas

cool caravan window door pets Walt Disney

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