Great Husky – 10 Great Dog Pictures

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Huskies in grey and beige as Wolf

Great Husky – 10 beautiful dog pictures for you

Huskies are a special breed of dog that intuitively reminds us of the wolves. You have dyed a proud and wild appearance and a thick skin, often in grey, Brown and white. In winter, change the colour in some animals and is sail. The Huskies are very loving animals that are active and robust. You love the cold and the snow, that’s why we discourage having a Husky as a pet, if you live in warmer regions. Also you need to secure regular long walks the dog, best in the forest or in large parks.

Not for nothing, Huskies were used as farm animals of the Inuiten and of the Northern nomads General since time immemorial. You can drag the nine times their own body weight and thus these animals are essential for survival in the North.

Often Huskies look like as if they laugh – not find?

Huskies with a blue and brown eye

A friendly animal with wild charisma

Huskies dark grey and white collar

Interestingly there are Huskies often with two different eyes

Husky with outstretched tongue In the Woods

This dog is a popular game friend for children

Huskies in white on a green meadow

Sweet and sleepy in the afternoon

Husky in ochre resting from

There is someone looking forward

Husky snow white on snow

Little puppies are very cute

Husky puppies with blue eyes

The wild nature is evident especially when hunting

Husky jumping to the sea In winter

In the cool forest, the Husky feels very comfortable

Huskies sitting In the Woods

Despite their size, Huskies are not guard dogs. Suspicious, they are actually very friendly and gentle and very rare to unknown and other dogs. A Husky as a pet is very intelligent and sociable only recommended, if you can offer him the conditions already mentioned.

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