Holiday With Dog: What Should You Keep In Mind?

The next holiday is already before and you have almost thought of everything, almost everything organized. The anticipation is great and you can hardly wait to drive away. Azurbla sea, white beaches, cloudless sky – just gorgeous! Since you only have to find a provisional place for the dog and it can go…

Before you send your favorite dog to the dog hotel, make serious thoughts about it again. Perhaps the holiday with dog more fun than you can imagine. After all, your four-legged friend belongs to the family, is not it?

Traveling with dog suitcase packing dog accessories

So that in this case everything is pleasantly relaxed and you can enjoy your holiday properly, you should consider a lot. As a real pet lover, we have researched in detail and created a small guide for you, which should serve as a useful aid to you.

Which holiday destinations and accommodations are best?

According to the latest statistics, 10 million dogs currently live in German households. Most dog owners would like to spend their holidays with their faithful four-legged friends and travel with them together. Fortunately, Germany offers countless possibilities for a relaxing holiday with dog in the country as well as at the sea.

Beautiful, wide coasts and beaches in the North Sea and Baltic Sea as well as picturesque islands such as Rügen and Sylt offer enough nature and freedom. Not only do you want to walk a lot outside, but also your dog would like to let off steam during the holidays. Avoid the crowded tourist harbors and prefer smaller places with natural beaches nearby. There are even quite officially dedicated dog beaches, on which your darlings may completely unintentionally wander around.

Sea vacation with dogs dog beach

Many holiday homes are not just for the holiday, but also in the most popular holiday destinations such as Spain, France, Croatia and Italy, even according to the needs of holidaymakers with dogs. In some domiciles, dogs are not only tolerated but also welcome. Find out more about the network and find the perfect holiday destination and accommodation in advance.

Transport and travel accessories for the dog perfectly plan

Before you can enjoy your holiday, you can travel by car. For the transport of the animal comes either a transport box or the trunk of your car in question. In the second case, it is advisable to use a trunk protector, which protects the trunk coating from dirt and dog hair. This way, hair is avoided in the car and the dog feels much more comfortable. The trunk protector usually provides the animal with a pleasant, non-slip surface.

Luggage compartment protection travel with dog dog accessories

Especially during the summer, always remember to leave the dog behind in the closed car. The temperature can quickly rise and endanger the life of your favorite. Get ready for hot summer days or in the event that you have to be in a traffic jam for a longer time, preferably a so-called auto ventilation grille. This ensures the regular supply of fresh air and is clamped into the open window.

Also a great thing – the dog cooling mat. It uses a special gel, which has a cooling effect for a long time. If the dog lies on the mat, it offers a pleasant cooling in the trunk or in the transport box. Do not forget to always have fresh drinking water for your dog. A car entrance aid, especially for puppies or for older dogs, creates additional comfort and at the same time spares the joints of the four-legged animals.

For dog travel

Get the right dog accessories for the holidays

In addition to the proper equipment during transport, you should also consider the personal travel accessories of the dog. Water and food are, of course, the first priority. Your favorite must always be sufficiently supplied. At the same time, you should get suitable feeding bowls that are easy to transport, not fragile and optimally space-saving.

Be sure to get a travel drinking cup that ensures a stable hold. No water is spilled during movements in the car. In the market there are already foldable and portable food and drink containers, which you can also take in the restaurant or during longer trips. A first-aid kit for dogs, as well as for people, should never be missed anyway. In this way, you always have everything you need to provide your dog with the best results.

High-quality travel accessories for dogs can be found at the local retailer or online, for example

Organize everything in advance so that your holiday with your dog is just as good as animals!

The editors wish you a wonderful holiday full of unforgettable experiences.

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