Hundeleckerlis: Kausnacks Types And Their Advantages


Everyone of us has heard that the dog the best friend of man is! His loyalty, intelligence, dedication and affection are well known to all of us and incredibly enriching. Especially dog ​​owners get this proved and can affirm it. The best way to thank us is good care, long walks and enough affection. But you can do something more, and to give the dog a special joy through dog treats. We also like to nibble on some snacks. So treat your dog, besides the normal food, a small treat, also as a training reward or as a special chewing fun. Hundeleckerlis bring numerous advantages with and these and some Kausnacks types we would like to list here.

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Hundelekerlis support the dental care

Since a brushing of the dog’s bite is usually not possible on a regular basis, the chewing gums promote tooth cleaning. There are specially developed products that prevent the buildup of deposits and retard calculus formation. Important in choosing such chews is to pay attention to the right size. Treats should be large enough to fit well in the animal’s mouth and not too small to avoid swallowing.

A job for your four-legged friend

The chew snacks are not just ordinary dog ​​food, they are also a kind of activity for your dog. The lekerlis, such as the chewing bones, are used when you want to playfully keep your pet in a good mood, making it easier to break up quickly or if you want to rest for a while. In addition, the delicious dog food satisfies the natural chewing needs of the animal, massaging the gums and strengthening the masticatory muscles. Again, you should not get too big and definitely not fresh bones from the butcher. Suitable for the purpose are rather the tough calf or pig ears, lamb or Ochsenziemer.

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Training reward with dog treats

Tasty reward and training snacks

A tasty reward appetizer stimulates every dog ​​on the Traninig. In order to make clear a direct connection for the dog, the treat should be given directly to the action. The well packaged dog treats are ideal for taking along on walks. However, they are very high in calories and should be used sparingly. There are also some that your dog can not eat such as tomatoes, raisins and grapes.

Find more matching and great chews for your beloved four-legged friends on , You can also order these online quickly. Now make the choice with which chewing snacks you want to give your dog a chewing fun while ensuring good oral hygiene. Continue to enjoy a good time with your four-legged friend.

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