Like Space – Is Games Your Garden Hundgerecht Dogs?

Editor   November 15, 2013   Comments Off on Like Space – Is Games Your Garden Hundgerecht Dogs?

dogs statue In the garden

Dogs love to play in the open – design your garden dog friendly!

The garden is a very good basis for the happy life of the dogs. But if it makes a few good covered measures, much chaos it can arise.

Through the following tips could avoid it entirely.

1. get to know well your dog

Each dog has its own peculiarities in character. Get to know them and respect them so that you can achieve the best possible results in the education of your pet.

So you will create the right circumstances in the garden for whose well-being

dogs sweet in black and white

2. include ways

The dog will follow his instincts always running around in the yard and to protect them, for example. Help him by inserting appropriate ways.

The soft curves are very very helpful

dogs wooden planks Avenue and pebbles

Alternatively, you can wait until the dog has mapped out the way and then expand this

dogs traditional house in white and teal

3. build up barriers

To do this, you can use walls, interlocking, and pieces of wood. Make sure that they are non-toxic

dogs power fence and mulch

4. protect your vegetable garden

Yes, it may be that your dogs very much like vegetables. Many do it. Build as a protective wall to keep the whole thing before him.

Barriers, such as in the picture below can keep larger dogs

dogs vegetable garden UmzauntSie can use this only for a certain time.

5. If the dog dig much

He may have good reasons, but you want to accept certain implied not damage for your garden. Often, the dog will actually flee.

You can avoid this by wire mesh or other barriers

dogs outer door from light wood

If you want to be but animal-friendly, you should create a specific place.

6. keep things green

We all love the beautiful meadows, but the urine constitutes a great danger in this regard

dogs green grass many herbs

The good irrigation will avoid this damage.

Alternatively, you can create a special plant (dog bath), which fully meets the needs of the dog

dogs large round stones and birch trees

Don’t forget male dogs love to mark their territory

dogs natural stones and Lilium

These ideas to find beautiful and practical? I wish you and your dog have fun in the yard! Dogs love to play outdoors.

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