Lucky Rabbit Standing In Front Of The Camera

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lucky rabbit pictures cute House Rabbit

Lucky rabbit in front of the camera

Following rabbit bring pictures to melt your heart. Shall we bet?

Cute House Rabbit facing the camera of a professional art photographer from Bangladesh. He has adopted two little rabbits and now this is his new hobby. He makes hundreds of photos not only by his own pet, but also of the rabbit of his friends and acquaintances. His goal is to show the most beautiful side of this cute little critters. In addition, he must be very patient. It takes really long time until he shoots the perfect image.

“It is important, that the rabbit comfortable in front of the camera,” says the photographer. These animals are easy to photograph very anxious and definitely not. We are convinced from their own experience. And we agree that lucky rabbit, as well as happy people, are quite photogenic.

So, what are you waiting? Take the camera and take some fun pictures with your favorite critters. Much fun!

Cute House Rabbit to be photographed

lucky rabbit images in the teacup

The small Tooni is so cute!

lucky rabbit pictures small Tooni

Little Princess – which Crown looks good on her!

lucky rabbit images crowned

“My new friend I ordered at”

happy rabbit images Amazon boxes robot


lucky rabbit images at the right moment

As if it was just for praying

lucky rabbit images rabbit behavior

Graceful female decorated with a flower

lucky rabbit pictures with flower

“Flower Girl”

lucky rabbit pictures with flower beautifully graceful

Is she not cute?

lucky rabbit pictures decorated with flowers

Hello, butterfly!

lucky rabbit pictures Butterfly

“I don’t want to hear it!”

domestic rabbit pictures back heinous tail

Sweet White Rabbit with red eyes

happy rabbit pictures House Rabbit shooting

With eye mask in beige

lucky rabbit pictures white beige

It’s snowing outside…

House Rabbit images White Rabbit

…zu is home to the window but quite comfortable

happy rabbit images White Rabbit In the snow

“Where’s Alice?”

happy rabbit images White Rabbit quietly photographed

Alice in Wonderland

happy rabbit images White Rabbit Alice In Wonderland

“I can see also evil!”

House Rabbit images White Rabbit red eyes

Hi, honey!

happy rabbit images White Rabbit red-eye Bunny

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