Modular Cat Climbing Wall By Catswall

cat climbing wall neon green wall

Prepare your cat enjoy the modular cat climbing wall by Catswall

If you really care about the health and mood for your cats, it would be not a bad idea for them to get a such modular cat climbing wall. The company Catswall located in Taiwan and produces mainly cat furniture and accessories. 2009 started the research and development and in the year 2011, the company has officially opened their production. Since then, Catswall has brought many functional and practical articles on the market, which have facilitated the lives of families with multiple cats. All products are designed so that they solve the common problems between people and cats at home. Expertise and numerous observations have had a very positive here.

You want to make your cats happy?

cat climbing wall modular from light wood

The cat climbing wall from Catswall is very easy to assemble. It consists mainly of a grid system made of aluminium with adjustable size of the Rails. In this way you can different modules attach any – boxes, ladder, levels, rope bridges. Other modules are currently researched and developed to create even more fun for your loved ones.

Look at everything and think about where to find enough space at home for the cool cat climbing wall.

The cat climbing wall with their modules ensures a balanced life

cats climbing wall thin wall stairs from light wood

Your cats can relax, snuggle, or sharpen their nails

cat climbing wall box and levels

Especially with multiple cats, each has their favorite place

cat climbing wooden box and ladder

Cat fitness with style

cat climbing wall with large wheel

Who said cats don’t like the height?

cat climbing wall with narrow cable bridge

Swing is one of the favorite activities of cats, you know that?

cat climbing wall hanging swing

We hope you enjoy the benefits and functionality of the modular cat climbing wall discovered and something nice will give your cats. Why not Christmas?

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