My Wildlife – 22 Cute Animals Who Smile At Us

Laughter makes happy

Time smile at the world and she will back smile! It seems as if these sweet animals already know the simple rule, isn’t it? Yes, everything just seems much easier with a smile on his face. Numerous studies have already demonstrated how healthy and positively affects the laughter on the human Constitution. Not for nothing, an ancient Chinese proverb says: “Every minute that you laugh prolongs life by one hour.” The laugh is actually much older than the speech. One can observe this even for babies, which even still do not know, that they can laugh. You do it but intuitively and naturally.

Laughter encourages our general condition – physically and mentally, and definitely leads to greater well-being in life. It is no surprise when you consider that our brain during laughter pouring out large amounts of happiness hormones. In addition, laughter is also muscle work. It claimed not only the facial muscles, but also more than 80 muscles throughout the body. Only after 10 minutes of vigorous laughter feels like this as if it has jogged a few kilometres. Especially the abdominal muscles participates and is punished significantly. Laughter reduces also the stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) in the blood and you can immediately feel a pleasant and deep relaxation. The circulatory system is also positively influenced and the cholesterol levels and high blood pressure be reduced a lot. Laughter does well with pain, insomnia and constipation and keeps you fit and balanced one.

My pet world full of smile

funny animals pets mean wildlife dog

Although laughter and smiles happen naturally and even involuntarily, is often not so funny in everyday and it regularly simply sets the respectable mask. Try it anyway to put a smile in the world at every opportunity or a bit with your colleagues, friends and family, at least occasionally, hearty to laugh – maybe about a funny joke or a funny story.

A great and most importantly, very effective idea would be also to visit a laughter Yoga course.

Put a smile on the face is simply and radiate joy and love! Believe us, smile and laugh are highly contagious. Try it sometime! It is worthwhile in any case.

Smile spread good mood and positive energy

funny animals white robbe laugh my wildlife

‘A day without laughter is a day lost!’ (Charlie Chaplin)

funny animals emu bird my wildlife

In good company to laugh more

funny animals frogs toads laugh my wildlife

A charming smile can work wonders

funny animals pets dog smile

Who says fish are unemotional?

funny animals fish exotic kind my wildlife

Smile is just happy

funny animals crocodile smile butterflies my wildlife

The smile is the force

my pet shop white OWL funny animals

animals mean Hedgehog wildlife

golden redriver my wildlife smile funny animals

funny animals Africa Savannah Hyena mean wildlife

funny animals ass animal world

funny animals animals sheep

my pet shop monkey jungle animals

my wildlife lizard funny animals hamster

funny animals dolphins smile my wildlife

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my wildlife lizard smile funny animals

my wildlife lizard laugh funny animals

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my wildlife malamut dogs huski funny animals

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