Such As Care I My Budgie Right?

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How do I maintain my Budgie correctly?

At home to keep a Budgerigar, joy can bring really pure. But at the same time, we must not forget that it is a bird. In addition, he is really sensitive.

Budgies as pets

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So one has to offer the right conditions this, so that it develops well.

Budgies in outdoor

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Love bird

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Extraordinary friendships

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The care

Buy a preferably large cage the Budgerigar . Her house bird must have enough room for movement. They ensure its added convenience, if at least one of the faces on the wall borders.

Budgies need love and attention

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The contact with the people

The Budgerigar is averse alone. He is very communicative and the contact with the people is very important, make him feel good. If these birds need to stay alone, then turn on great music. They can mimic the sounds and evolve as a result.

Contact with the owner

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Do you want an extra alarm clock?

The Budgerigar is great, if you have difficulty standing up. The colorful bird serves wonderfully as a second alarm.

The feed

The balanced feed is an absolute must in the care of budgerigars. Thus, no compromises may be entered. There are enough good food on the market, which contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. In addition, you should give the Budgerigar pieces of fruit.

Budgerigars endure the loneliness hard

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Teach the Budgerigar, alone to return to the cage

In nature, the birds fly very long distances to find food and water. It is therefore not easy for them to stay a whole life in a confined space. You should give them the freedom to fly freely in the room. With a little effort you teach them to get back in the cage.

Fly free in the apartment…

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…und back in the cage

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Wait until the Budgerigar long flies around and gets tired. Then approach the cage and wait a bit. He will return after some time there.

This patience worth. Your Budgerigar is happy and you feel it immediately.

The small colorful little birds live like two

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Typical behaviour of Wellensittichs

Do you know how budgerigars typically behave? It already help to learn more. The males eat more, drink more water, sing louder, and are more active. Try actively to put the female in itself. But not always. Must like them real good. They know the love dance from the shaking of the head. Males are better oriented in space, they are sociable, but sometimes also slightly aggressive.

So, life is much more pleasant

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The females are restrained and they become friends difficult. They are quieter than the males. The female budgies bad focus in the room. The risk that they run against objects, is much greater.

The females are restrained but

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Some Budgerigars are very curious

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So teach the speeches the Budgerigar

These birds only imitate people talk when they are quite young (up to nine months), and if they do not live in the pair.

However, is it not something selfish to let the bird to enjoy himself more alone?

Promote the communication ability of small Wellensittichs

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Care for the health of the budgies

A healthy Budgie stands firmly on its feet. It will have a very much alive, eat well and drink plenty of water. If you see any deviation in just one of these symptoms, you must quickly go to the vet. Clean the cage once a week and cut the nails of the Budgie bird, as soon as they get longer.

Decoration ideas on the subject of “Budgerigar”

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