The First Dog Birthday Celebrate – Fun For The Whole Family

The first dog birthday

A dog is more than just a pet. He’s Playmate, solace, Zeitungsholer and babysitter. Many dog owners see a family member in the four-legged friend. And hate to throw a birthday party which family member! A dog birthday is a great fun for the whole family. Here, you can let his imagination run wild and make happy birthday puppies with very special surprises.

The guest list for the dog’s birthday

Dogs are extremely social animals. You are able to build friendships and to enter into a deep connection with other conspecifics. For the first dog birthday a meeting with another fur noses is a fun idea. Here, the four-legged friends with each other can entertain themselves and their owners enjoy a common nice day. The place must be suitable for larger groups. Bietenz dog meadows or dog play areas. B. sufficient space for wild chases.

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Get out of the city

Modern families living in urban areas. Whether in the city or in the suburbs, the great outdoors is often far away. There is hardly anything better than a trip to the countryside for an active animal. This new odors can discover and explore unknown environments.

A delicious delicacy

The offer for tasty recipes is large dog biscuits, dog biscuits, Dog casserole -. A special treat from the kitchen makes the first dog birthday into a culinary experience. It is however caution. Not every recipe is healthy for the beloved four-legged friends. On professional Web pages, you can find great information around the topic of homemade dog food. According to feed House, it is as important to use no sugar for dog biscuits and dog biscuits. A good recipe combined healthy ingredients that are completely safe for dogs.

Beauty for the dog

Whether two or four legs, everyone can be happy to indulge. For the first dog’s birthday, you can surprise his favorite with a pleasant massage. These can be easily yourself, can be done by a professional. A professional dog massage is not only a beautiful gift for the dog, it is at the same time also really healthy. Optimally, it stimulates the blood circulation and relieves any tension. Regular massages promote a healthy muscle in dogs and mobility.

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Gifts for the first dog’s birthday

Is celebrated the dog birthday privately and without much effort, then a gift is a good choice. Young dogs enjoy new to discover and try out. Toys, Chews, or a dog basket, the offer is extensive. This little attention can be the animal immediately feel that it enjoys a special day. Dog gifts can of course also manufactures to be. With a little skill and fitting instructions, an individual Hundegeschenkim is created instantly. Beautiful gift ideas for dogs that you can make are such as collars, even knitted dog sweaters and homemade dog biscuits.

Health tips for the first dog’s birthday: Security going on

A day on the beach, in the garden or at the dog park – should be sure in every case for the animal the dog birthday party. Cubs meet other dogs, caution is advised. Not every dog is fully trained, and there may always be small quarrels.

In addition, the dogs buffet should be healthy and balanced on the great day of the dogs. Excessive food intake causes pain and an upset stomach quickly.

There are dog toys to the first birthday of the dog should be taken in addition to the following: good dog toy is securely processed and offers no swallowed items. The day is perfectly planned, nothing in the way is an unforgettable experience at the first dog birthday for man and animal.

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