Under The Spell Of The Animals – Extraordinary Pets You Put A Smile!

The amazing world of animals

Whenever we feel lonely, we can quickly find a new and loyal friend who will never betray us or leave: to buy a pet, or adopt and immediately give him our love! Nowadays dogs and cats have turned into the most households in an almost equal member of the family. The lizards and snakes are indeed regarded as exotic pets, but they are bred by more and more people and therefore no longer exceptional. We present you but a few really special pets – höch probably put this in amazement, but in any case, you put a smile!

Exceptional pets – capybara or capybara

exceptional pet capybara

The capybara, or known as a capybara, the largest rodent in the world. The name capybara is characterized by the Guaraní language and literally means “Master of the grasses”. The animal can up to 130 cm. long are between 50 and 70 kg. weigh. Although you seldom choose to worry about such a giant capybara we encounter some amazing cases this way.

A typical example is the very popular among animal lovers capybara of Caplin Rous! This capybara lives in Texas, the family of MELANI Typaldos. Tells the owner that the animal can be not completely tame, therefore one must very carefully proceed in building the human-rodent-connection. The capybara needs much yard space and a large pool for swimming. It mainly feeds on fresh grass and drink plenty of water. Kaplin wants to be together all the time with MELANI and constantly chasing you!

Annam stick insect or Vietnamese stick insect

of Serge homely pets

You can discover this insect in many biology classrooms, because it can be quite easily and effortlessly breed is. It takes only a medium-sized Aquarium and a few natural or decorative branches for climbing. The Vietnamese bar horrors eat almost everything, but especially on blackberries, Ivy and garden salad and enjoy. The insects can survive alone not long and absolutely needed a partner.

Exceptional animals – African hedgehogs

exceptional pet Hedgehog

This small Animalcules no Hibernate, pretty quickly become accustomed to human concerns, and can live up to 10 years. You should include in the eating plan of your hedgehog necessarily different insects such as crickets, small spiders or worms: on the whole, he needs fat and protein-rich food. The African Hedgehog tends to be fatty degeneration, therefore must get him regularly out of the cage and long walks in the House save him.

Why must you choose a Pygmy goat as a pet?

out Serge homely pets Pygmy goat

For a long time the Pygmy goats are regarded as a pet that is popular with adults and children – even Abraham Lincoln took care of a goat in the White House during his mandate. The small goats small dogs are very similar in size and do not have specific worry – they are pretty nice, friendly and just enjoy the attention of their owners. Above all, they eat Hay, grass and leaves – they secure the necessary energy them around all day, so the goats are constantly on the move and want to play interrupted with you!

Exceptional animals – mini pig

of Serge homely pets mini pigs

Victoria Beckham some time ago surprised her lover with a strange Christmas gift – she bought him two mini pigs! Also the Hollywood star George Campbell had a very close relationship to his dwarf pigs. Max followed Campbell everywhere, both appeared even to the shoot together! Several times the actors of the media announced that Max 1994 had saved his life during the earthquake in Los Angeles by the pigs had awakened him shortly before the shaking of the Earth coast. The dwarf pigs run on a leash – you can walk easily to the nearest Park with your pet along!

The mini Kangaroo needs plenty of space to move jumping to

pets out Serge homely

The world famous personalities who shared their home with this exceptional pet, include the King of rock n ´ ´ roll Elvis Presley and the rapper vanilla ice. The rapper was huge delighted with his pet, unfortunately he found local residents but no understanding for his extravagant taste in pages. A neighbor complained to the Veterinary Office, that the 27 kg. most Kangaroo they raided several times and caused severe damage to her car had. These animals are quite anxious, live together and enjoy in particular the eating grass and fruit.

Exceptional animals – the world’s largest living rodent

out Serge homely pets

The Capybara is pretty friendly and make new friends

out Serge homely pets capybara

pair of Serge homely pets

aussegewohnliche pets love

Exceptional pets – Annam stick insect

out Serge homely pets on dynamic stick insect

Exceptional animals – African hedgehogs

exceptional pets

exceptional pet Hedgehog

exceptional pet hedgehogs pet

Exceptional animals – goats

exceptional pets goat

exceptional pets mini goat

exceptional pets

exceptional pets goats

Exceptional pets – George Cloony and his Max

exceptional pets mini pigs

exceptional pets pig energy

Exceptional animals – mini Kangaroo

exceptional pets Kangaroo

Exceptional pets