WOW Pets – Unusual Animals, The You Great Pleasure Ready Be

wow pets iguana pet

List of WOW pets, that one would not necessarily expect in your home

The pets are usually those who are quiet and simple and can be easily maintained in a flat. Is that really so? There are some who hold the for instead provide excitement and adrenaline. She will raise up strong emotions in your visitors. In certain cases you would need good but also the patience of the neighbours!

Rabbits as WOW pets

The rabbits are certainly such pets, which achieve a WOW effect. However, you must be prepared for a cautious care. Because they start to smell, bad quickly if not enough take seriously these.

Rabbits can walk outdoors or sleeping in a cage. It’s just, what you teach them exactly. Spaying and neutering is like all other animals for many reasons a good choice, which you on the safe side.

A sympathetic rabbit family

wow pets Bunny family Bunny

Cute and cuddly

wow pets rabbit pair


This is also an exotic choice for pets. You need a large cage for your Iltis animal and actually it would be not bad either, if it had the opportunity to run outside of. Due to his habit to hide in small places should be preferably unsupervised animal the Iltis. Thus you will save much stress.

Animals in the wild at home?

wow pets Iltisch euro

Sweet little Tierbabies

wow pets Iltis small wild animals

European polecat

wow pets Iltis beast

Rat as a pet

From the list of WOW you can’t let out also the rats pets. They are actually much more friendly than most people think. Due to the bad reputation the many statements coming from the middle ages, as the rats without itself having guilt for which people gave them deadly diseases. But if they are maintained in a sterile environment, eliminates this danger stop.

Who says rats are ugly?

wow pets rat decorative

Cute white rat

wow pets rat rat white

Unusual pet

wow pets cute rat

Mouse as a pet

We want to continue even with the nail animals? If you want to have a mouse as a pet, we recommend you to choose a female specimen. Because the male have a much too strong smell. Many people do not know how to like to play these little creatures and they be as amusing. Best you equip the cage with various toys, so that they feel comfortable there.

Decorative House mouse

wow pets of House mouse grey cute

Small and fine

wow pets mouse House mouse


There are various ways that also vary in size among the hamsters. Those with more volume, you should maintain individually in the cage, and the other – in pairs. They belong to the WOW pets because they are super to watch. They do all the crazy things with the toys that they have in there.

Hamster are fun and very energetic

wow pets Hamster climbing

Small stems and large, moist eyes

wow pets Hamster cute

Guinea pig

The Guinea Pigs are also unusual pets. But in reality they are very adaptable and can be good to train. They are very social and you should maintain at least in pairs, but the best in group. You need very much space in cages. Best, they should be able to roam outside this. They are incredibly loud. They show that, especially if you are, somewhere to find their food.

Guinea Pigs are simply great to cuddle

wow pets Guinea pig cucumber

Sweet photogene critters

wow pets Guinea pig Hat


Unusual pets are also the bats. They are very active and alive. They are usually with the people who care for them very well. To accommodate them with him, you need very large cages. But if you want to have long and healthy life, you need to invest a lot of time and money.

Bats times differently

wow pets bats small

Discover the little-known side of these animals

wow pets bat

Other unusual animals

The unusual animals, who you can care for at home, are very many. At this point, we want to enumerate a few. However, it would be best if you would learn about each one. You can maintain hedgehogs, but also frogs at home successfully. Also reptiles are an increasingly popular choice.

For those of you who have a larger yard and a wire to the wild life, are quite exotic species in question, that maintain are usually only in aquariums. These are about the different fancy Squamata.

Get a cute friend

wow pets Hedgehog wild pet sweet

Pitone are the perfect awake animals

wow pets Piton pet

Tarantula have also their charm

wow pets spider Tarantula