10 Stunning Ideas For Your Swimming Pool

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pool garden veranda terrace

Sitting at the swimming pool

The winter is currently in one of its coldest phase and most of us have thick jackets and coats, scarves and anything else that belongs to. So few now remember the swim.

But the summer will come quicker than you think and if you have a villa or a bigger house, you will want to enjoy determined there free time, thanks to a swimming pool. These are a great investment, which should look good at the end. It is therefore too early to think about never.

Do you want some new ideas? We have 10 ones for you and they all come from the company C.O.S. Design from Mebourne. Clever blend of materials as well as the very smart solution to the space issue will come here. It has designed this gorgeous ideas for outdoor area with swimming pool. Let us take a virtual tour and imagine themselves free floating.

Ideas for your swimming pool

pool seats sunny garden design

Input and output ranges can be a good place for clever design elements . Note the steps in the water here? On the left side, there are two such at a broader level, which looks to the Interior. This surface is longer and extends to the farthest corner of the swimming pool. So makes a series of underwater benches, where you can rest up wonderfully. They facilitate the high and climbing down from or in the swimming pool.

Limited area

pool ideas garden flooring wood

This swimming pool has an intimate atmosphere. So it is still inviting. This is however only if a single path to the water. The dense thickets constitute a kind of limit and define the space as a sort of outdoor.

Still, you can see a shower which emerges strongly from the contrasting with painted back. Their shades reflect in the fountain in the middle of the pool.

The other swimming pool tiles can be color take up water of the surrounding aqua associated with which the connection pools.


swimming pool garden plants grass partition lighting

Many smart placed elements in this area complement the simplicity of the long and narrow swimming pool. At the remote end, you can see a published as sculpture Bank. It stands in stark contrast to the swimming pool and serves as the focal point. She breaks the monotonous appearance of the wall.

You have a covered pavilion also features a and it serves as a way from the burning sun in addition to the almost invisible security fence.

It has placed a plant container in the front area. It rises above the water and holds a long and narrow bed for Algaven, which decorate the corner of the pool.

It features a fountain, which is located on the central axis of the House and the pool.

You can see a more tiered sculpture on the left side of the image. It is in line with the well and emphasises the theme.

The scenes

swimming pool pool ideas Botanical Garden rattan furniture

The water is what interests the Viewer, but the accent block shapes in the background exactly help. You bring out the luminance of the swimming pool even more. These forms also provide a place that is even more interesting. Notice the ravishing Visual balance which has been reached between the various characters. The swimming pool itself shows a very simple form.

Overlay elements

swimming pool ideas garden acrylic chairs red

The overlapping plans and architecture combine the three essential elements of the room – the House, the water and the swimming pool here. The idea was transmitted through the wooden platform. One has the feeling that she floats above the water at the furthest edge of the swimming pool.

The overhang of the pool house creates a Visual link to the spa area, which is located on the other side.

At the same time, it ensures the shadow on the whole porch.

Lines in the design of swimming pools

swimming pool pool ideas garden glass walls sliding doors

The elements of the swimming pool here reflect the contemporary elements of modern House architecture. The details bring out the horizontal lines of the ceiling. She seems to float above the swimming pool. The lines provide a visual flow over an area in others and help to make the swimming pool seem even longer.


swimming pool pool ideas garden rattan requirements

The lighting brings a more significant dimension in the space. The swimming pools get a still more interesting phenomenon, because the water is so beautiful in the exposed State. Actually, you spend a lot more time by, to look at than to swim in this pool. On the beautiful summer evenings you will appreciate real this effect.

It has not only abundant light in the swimming pool, but also the environment is generously lit. They brought particularly strong some plants and colours to the best advantage.


swimming pool ideas garden trees decorative Palm trees

There are two main reasons why to insert an axis in the design of the swimming pool. On the other hand can be a found structure, and sometimes this is a good working method by which you can create a connection to the surrounding landscape.

Some steps lead from the porch to the swimming pool. It thus creates a wonderful pivot to the House. They gave back the shape of the patio on the other side of the swimming pool.

Through this approach, it has stressed the connection to nature.

Mixed materials

swimming pool pool ideas garden stone crack water

The special character of this pool is determined by a mixture of materials that are blocked in the corner areas. This is an example of success that should be perceived not as a matter of course.

The mixture succeeded only if their position and shape make any sense with regard to the overall structure.

The walls clad in white as an extension and a background to the water. Also the edges of the swimming pool have been accentuated by stone beds. The plant containers on the right side next to the end to grow out of the water. They were created from the same material as the swimming pool. There, it has housed more plants.

Three dimensions

swimming pool pool ideas garden stone crack water

Often one thinks of the swimming pools such as design in two dimensions. This one is wrong. This wrong impression comes from the fact that means above all the surface and shape it. Yet, the swimming pools have depth, as it sees itself.

That’s why it makes sense to transfer elements of the architecture in the design of the floating bands. It did successfully in this as well as some of the previous examples. Here especially the so desired feeling of privacy is in this example.

Create a paradise in your backyard

swimming pool seats sunny garden aesthetic

It has added here wonderful Garnet details. They serve as a dramatic fountain. The amount greatly contributes to the feeling of intimacy. This contributes a lot to the more complex visual dimension. Here, one has earlier applied the concept of the Bank as well as one of the examples. Who would want to be resting because in such a place?

Swimming pools are a feature of the villas, which are luxurious, stylish, sociable, but also close to nature. They should contribute to the relaxation and restore harmony. That’s why is here every aspect of fundamental importance. This is which, here a complicated construction, if once built, can be easily transformed.

That’s why pull the main principles which above are been described, considering, so that you are able to create a real paradise.

Classic, massive garden chairs

swimming pool seats sunny garden flower pot

Ornaments by nature fascinatedThe current purple color – sun beds

swimming pool seats sunny garden Hinterho

Minimalist grey

swimming pool seats sunny concern pillow summer

Real retreat

swimming pool seats sunny shadow hammock

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