A Stunning Roof Terrace Design — 15 Roof Pool, You Simply See If

rooftop terrace design ideas rooftop pool

Shaping the roof terrace – 15 gorgeous and relaxing swimming pools on the roof

Most of the houses position their swimming pools on the ground floor. Many others, however, integrate them into the House. But if none of these variants you can be the case, then you can drag a floating stream on the roof in consideration.

Is that you in question?

Many people who live in city apartments or closed communities, have decided for this solution.

We have put together today 15 such images for you. Certainly you will like to swim in the open air, or?  In the morning you’ll be literally closer to heaven and then in the evening, the stars can count you immersed in the water. Think only of the relaxation, which you will see.

Contemporary town house

rooftop terrace design ideas rooftop pool decking

This architectural masterpiece is a multi-story stylish House, which is located in the heart of the city. Reaching the contemporary sense by a swimming pool in the last floor.

South Beach, Florida

rooftop design ideas rooftop pool rattan furniture town

A great, created from fabric canopy covered the roof of this building.

Azure penthouse

whirlpool on the terrace roof terrace design ideas rooftop pool

What kind of an attic floor. Except the swimming pool we love the great Jacuzzi on the tile-covered terrace. As a result, the users will have not only fun, but also joy.

Penthouse in Melbourne

Melbourn city apartment rooftop pool rooftop figures

This terrace has views in all directions. It is located in the central part of Melbourne’s business district. But beautiful looks, or?

Downtown Santo Domingo

downtown rooftop design roof pool ideas

Here we see a terrace in the 15th floor. Here you can see an infinity pool, fitness, children’s playground, sauna, Spa, and much more. According to the owner, one has a panoramic view and in the immediate vicinity of the Caribbean Lake.


swimming pool on the rooftop terrace rooftop pool building

Here we see another terrace on the roof with fantastic views to the sea and the mountains.

Tour Odeon

modern architecture roof pool round Hotel

Here we see a swimming pool in a high-rise building. From here you will forget it certainly how stressful the city actually is. Imagine: there’s a slide that connects two swimming pools.

Miami Beach PH

modern architecture roof pool rooftop furniture sun loungers rattan

This pool will make it the house owners possible to wash away their concerns…

Miami man room penthouse with a swimming pool on the roof

rooftop terrace design ideas rooftop pool in Miami

The rectangular pool surrounded by parasols. So, great views of the sea will have the people there.

Dietz Lantern

whirlpool on the terrace rooftop terrace rooftop pool

Not only the swimming pool, but also the landscape in this area is nice for penthouse.

Toronto Skyline

rooftop pool night rooftop terrace design ideas

The people who swim here will enjoy not only the cool water, but also the Toronto skyline. This prospect is simply captivating beautiful. A red hanging lamp above the dining area gives the room even more charm. The floor tiles have patterns that give more beauty to the House.

Garden on the rooftop with swimming-pool of the company HSB

garden design and landscaping pool

Garden and swimming pool in a beautify this modern apartment. I love the way how this is surrounded by plants. The image here shows the visualisation of a project which has been made somewhere in India.

Swimming pool on the roof

rooftop terrace rooftop swimming pool design ideas wood flooring laying modern architecture

A wooden deck looks always nice. This is only a further proof with geometric pool here.

Yarra lane apartment

Jacuzzi on the rooftop terrace rooftop pool from glass decking rattan furniture

A high-based swimming pool is on the ceiling also look good, and especially if you opt for mosaics like this here.

Hide the penthouse

modern architecture rooftop pool terrace insert

The pool here is located on the roof of this penthouse, which it called the Hyde. It’s a luxury complex on 35 floors.

The home owner to this wonderful terraces will consider not only the cool water, but also the views from the roof. What’s with you? Do you have opportunity for such an installation at home?