Modern Interior Design Ideas For Apartments With Indoor Pool

cottage with indoor pool modern

Holiday House with indoor pool – luxury and comfort

The have a swimming pool in the outdoor area is a source of entertainment. You can have so much fun and relaxation. The whole family will feel super comfortable and satisfied.

When the weather is not good, then the entire fun will be impossible. That’s why some people are looking for the option ‘cottage with indoor pool’. Today we will show you how that will be possible.

The modern design is becoming a trend. This interest according to, we have compiled some examples for you. Feel free from which to draw inspiration for your own projects.

Davis residence

Davis cottage with indoor pool

This swimming pool looks great with this wall color. Both shades complement each other wonderfully. The Aquarium on the right hand side animates all equipment in a unique manner.

Holiday House with indoor pool

Platinum cottage with indoor pool

Here, we have to do with a very large swimming pool. It has there kitchen on each side and can spend great time here certainly very much.

14 bedrooms in the hot room

hail Hall cottage with indoor pool

Here you can see the swimming pool of a super expensive House. In addition to sauna and snooker room is the home owners here available.

Luxury swimming pool inside, Surrey

Guncast cottage with indoor pool lighting

The modern vacation house with indoor pool here shows a pure charm and seamless design. Using combination of tiles and wood as a wall surface. The lighting is simply fabulous!


Bloomfield holiday house with indoor pool modern

The residence swimming pool conceived here as the primary focal point. During one of the courtyards in the living room, you can see this. You can see this by the side glass panels and the space of the oversized table.


Horst cottage with indoor pool fireplace

Here, we have to do with great modern design. It’s a swimming pool in the Interior, the after outside expands. One recognizes here porcelain tiles on the fireplace, as well as built-in lighting fixtures on the ceiling.

Casa Moru

Vega Vega cottage with indoor pool

A natural bamboo blanket comes at the bottom of the swimming pool in use. But what gives the room a unique character, is the vertical garden, which can be seen on the wall.

Swimming pool in Buanos Aires

cottage with indoor pool modern Vanguarda pebbles

Swimming pool on double height works as interior terrace. The swimming pool is in a beautiful and modern design. It seems to go beyond the window, and then somewhere in the lagoon to end.

Penbrook floor lamp in the shape of an arc

Eduarda Arquitetura indoor pool In an Asian style

Here we see a modern cottage with indoor pool in the Asian style. You can see the plants by the window and also recognizes an Asian sculpture indoors.


David Churchill cottage with indoor pool modern

Here you can see a room with a swimming pool. This is by the Sun’s rays and arcs soft embellished, which penetrate here from the terrace.

LAP swimming pool

Jose Hevia House indoor swimming pool wood ceilings

Here we see a rudnes swimming pool and it is surrounded by the wood from the ceiling to the floor. The walls are white and the glass ensures light and bright atmosphere.

Swimming pool design for indoor use

Church Hill cottage with indoor pool

If we see this swimming pool indoors, the only possible response is: “Great!”. The modern details are simply captivating.

Michigan House

Northworkds architects cottage with indoor pool

You have to do here with a turned to barn in Michigan. It has converts them in a nice house. With the swimming pool indoors, this is now the source of never-ending fun.

Cape Schank

Geelong House with indoor swimming pool

Large porcelain stones and a swimming pool, they brought here the round design in use. It also has giant installations and automatic, built into the floor covering.

West Village town house

Waverly holiday house with indoor swimming pool

This swimming pool Outdoor shows an extraordinary beauty. It is transparent on the one hand and if you look up, you can see people, running a.

Have the ideas of today enjoyed? Would you bring home somewhere one this to use?