Modern Swimming Pools – Useful And Practical Tips For You

How to choose swimming pools

The first fundamental question when it comes to swimming pools Is: Why do I actually need a pool? Everything else follows. The reasons for a garden pool e.g. Are numerous. A chic and spacious swimming pool can turn your garden into a splendid resort.

It could be the meeting place for your family in summer

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Around the pool you can host an ultimate party. After a long working day, you can completely switch off or do your regular training. You can even extend your interior with a swimming pool by setting up a wide terrace and cozy outdoor kitchen.

But before you turn to deeds, you should consider a few things.

Very important is the height of the side walls of the pool. In order to ensure the stability of the swimming pool, a major indentation should be planned for the higher variants. This is where the public sector comes into question. For excavations, even in your own garden, you should definitely inform the local building authority about your building project.

Precious wet in the hot sun

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Apart from that, you can let your imagination run free and order your very special swimming pool. The specialized manufacturers will also offer you a wide variety of shapes and designs. Round, oval, rectangular, octagonal or sometimes quite unusual – it is completely up to you.

A classic among the swimming pools Is this one, which is brick-built. It is covered with a special insulation and upholstery foam and its basin is usually clad with tiles or thick foil. Its advantages are clear: longevity, freedom from design and stability. Disadvantages are the purchase costs as well as the maintenance costs.


Here are some of the most common ways to heat the pool in the garden:

  • Completely conventional – with gas, solid fuel or oil
  • With an electric water heater
  • With an increasingly popular heat pump
  • With heat exchanger through the house central heating
  • By a special solar system for the pool
  • With a combination system with the solar system of the house

Relax with a clear conscience!

Swimming pool water heating solar system


Everything begins with the actual cover or roofing of the pool. So falling flowers, leaves, lawn cut and bird droppings are first reduced.

A double protection for your pool

Swimming pool pool cover canopy

But what you absolutely need is a filter system. You can opt for a system with manual or electrical actuation or order an electronic control program directly.

The next step to cleanliness in your own pool would be the detergents. Chlorine preparations are often used. This removes the bacteria in the water. Since the 1980s, however, more and more chelorless preparations have been used, which are natural in nature.

As an alternative purification, ozone has also recently been used. It is a strong oxidizing agent and is always produced on site in an ozone generator. This type of cleaning is not only environmentally friendly but also harmless to human health. It is recommended to clean each swimming pool at least once a year.

An automatic pool cleaner is always a good idea

Swimming pool pool cleanliness poolcleaner

The pH

Another aspect that you should definitely consider is the pH of the water. Measure each time after filling. The ideal values ​​lie between 7.0 and 7.4. A higher pH value can cause unpleasant skin irritation and the reason for limescale deposits on the pool film. Too low a pH value is then problematic, because it can be the cause of corrosion damage. Use a pH-lowering agent to keep the pH within normal limits.

For those of you, who tend to be nature fanatics and do not like conventional swimming pools, we recommend a swimming pond in the garden. You will find more useful information about this www.schö ,

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