Vertical Garden Near The Swimming Pool Brings More Green In Your Home

Editor   September 29, 2014   Comments Off on Vertical Garden Near The Swimming Pool Brings More Green In Your Home

comfortable seating area next to vertical garden

Install a vertical garden, next to the swimming pool

More and more is to bring more real green home in! The many years of industrialization and urbanization have created a big gap between us and nature. Trying this now through innovative green solutions to bridge at home.

More and more, the vertical gardens become a theme in interior design. They look like walls full of green. Sometimes they serve only the aestheticization and air cleaning. In other cases, you can produce even vegetables and herbs on it. Great scents this spread in the room.

A vertical garden can z u an aesthetic appearance and contribute to air purification.

green wall next to the swimming pool

Among others you can pleasant his do so a solution stay next to the swimming pool yet. See our next examples! They delight the eye and can be adapted easily to other pools.

Additional green by a lawn

vertical garden beside the pool

The owners of this establishment here have long dreamed of a place of residence. But not just wanted a garden… They wanted to have him right green. That’s why the grass next to the swimming pool was not enough!

Three are the methods by which it has accomplished this.

Three variants for more green

vertical garden install

1 green in the approach of the wall

One has here planted greenery in the approach of the building. You can do that also. Thus, you would refresh the whole ambience. For more harmonious effect set to plants with the same texture.

2. strip at the bottom

You could grow too wide strip next to a large meadow with green at the bottom. So, the freshness of nature will be around common everywhere around the swimming pool.

3. Green accent wall

Many people take an accent wall in consideration in the garden. Opt for a solution full of green. We mean a lush vertical garden.

Strip of grass on the walking surface

green stripe at the bottom of

No matter what kind of additional green you choose in the thermal swimming pool area, follow some basic rules. You should watch whether the plants to the climate are suitable in your area. If this is the case, they will need care, usually less, including less irrigation.

Still, you should consider carefully into consideration whether you attract wild life or not. As this you could according to provoke or but – avoid.

Use plant varieties that suit your climate region

green plants next to the swimming pool

Small courtyard is equipped with swimming pool and green wall

green wall as a swimming pool design

Great swimming pool design

beautiful vertical garden

The many plants give the feeling that you swim in the natural

swimming pool design with green

Beautiful flowered garden

Toller vertical garden

Different species of plants next to the pool

vertical garden design

The vertical garden serves as a privacy screen

vertical garden ideas

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