Christmas Punch – One Of The Many Christmas Miracles

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If the time around Christmas is already wonderfully organized, the Christmas decorations are hung up, the Christmas dinner is already planned and the guests are invited, there is nothing left to do but to take the beautiful Christmas magic optimistically and enjoy their days off. You could just enjoy the Christmas spirit and make yourself comfortable. Finally, you can also try the Christmas cookies and treat yourself to a cup of hot cocoa. And just because it’s Christmas, you can do on the cocoa a long-deserved icing.

It’s just that Christmas can not go by without enjoyment and reflection, and that includes many delicious, but very calorie-rich and not exactly healthy stimulants.

Today we would like to address exactly the topic of the enjoyment in the context of the Christmas days and to fathom even more exactly the tradition named Christmas punch.

The Christmas punch completes the festivity and improves the mood

Christmas punch cranberries

What is the Christmas punch made of?

The punch has been known in Europe since the 17th century and was brought by English sailors from India. Originally, the drink consisted of water, rum, lemons and sugar, while gently rubbing the lemon peel and mixed with the sugar. Water and sugar are heated and stirred together with the lemon juice and rum.

From homemade Christmas punch or punch you can create a beautiful tradition

Christmas punch bottle

This drink may be heated, but not brought to a boil, because the flavors cook up too fast otherwise.

In the last 300 years more spices were added to the punch and just at Christmas you can of course prepare it with the typical Christmas scents. In northern Germany, egg liqueur is used instead of rum and in some states the Christmas punch is prepared with black tea.

Apple or lemon juice is one of the original ingredients of the punch

Christmas punch glass

Should you serve the Christmas punch cold or warm?

The ingredients in this aromatic drink make it possible to drink it both cold and warm. But since Christmas is always cold and uncomfortable especially in Europe, the Christmas punch is much better than a hot drink.

Cranberries and rosehips complement the punch in the taste and make it healthier

Christmas punch in the container

Christmas is the Christmas fragrance

Christmas punch close

The Christmas punch can be prepared with hot water or black tea

Christmas punch mood

In addition to the mulled wine, the Christmas punch is one of the favorite drinks on the Christmas market

Christmas punch favorite

We would like to share one of the many recipes for Weihnachtspusch with you:

Seasonal and Christmas fruits and scents are desired

Christmas punch pear

Wehnachtswunsch basic recipe

Ingredients: 3/4 cup sugar, 3 lemons, 2 cups rum, 1/4 cup Congac, 5 cups black tea or hot water (that’s 8 cups)

Zubereiteitung: Rub the lemon and mix the bowl with the sugar. Let this mixture draw for 30 min. Then add the spirits. Heat the mixture and stir gently at low temperature. 3 minutes should be sufficient, but check if the sugar has melted. Remove mixture from the heat and pick out the remains of the lemon zest. Fill up with tea or hot water and mix with the juice of the peeled lemons. Stir well and garnish in suitable glasses.

Christmas punch rosehip apples
Christmas punch spritz bowle

Non-alcoholic children’s punch

Kids also want to enjoy themselves like adults and try everything on the table. So that the children do not appear discriminated in this regard, we immediately offer a child-friendly recipe for Christmas punch, which is also a good alternative for pregnant women and diabetics on all festive days.

christmas punch me candies

Ingredients for a portion:

250ml apple juice, naturally cloudy

Spices: cinnamon, cardamom, clove

Crumble clove, cardamom and cinnamon and set aside. In a small saucepan you can heat the apple juice and refine it with any amount of spices. As soon as you notice that steam is rising, you can remove the drink from the stove, sweeten it and pour it into cups.

Christmas punch with pomegranate

The Christmas punch has given some artists the occasion to write Christmas stories about it and to give even more importance to its warming and enlightening properties. We would like to taste the delicious Christmas punch this year. And what about you?

make christmas punch yourself
Punch Christmas punch
berry punch
Christmas punch charles dickens
Christmas punch festive
Christmas punch hagebute
Christmas punch with fruits
Christmas punch with tea
Christmas punch rosemary
Christmas punch atmospheric
Christmas punch Pine cone
christmas punch subject
Christmas punch warm
christmas punch warm punch punch
christmas punch christmas punch star anise
Christmas punch Christmas punch
christmas punch christmas market
Christmas Punch

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