Hot Iron: The Best Ideas For Delicious Waffles

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They are so easy to prepare – and so delicious and even pretty to look at! With their fluffy texture, the slightly buttery taste and the many sweetening options, waffles are also in the creative trend! We present you the best waffle ideas.

How do waffles get the desired consistency?

The basic recipe for waffles is: 250 grams of flour, three eggs, 120 grams of soft butter, 200 milliliters of milk and three tablespoons of sugar. To get the waffle to work, you can add some baking powder – but that’s not a must. If you like your waffles especially soft, you should do without the baking powder and add another egg instead. And those who like it crispy choose water instead of milk. Tried and tested is this trick: first stir frothy eggs, butter and sugar before the flour is added. This makes the dough nice and airy.

delicious waffles with cherries and icing sugar

Coffee waffles and Christmas flavor

The basic dough dough can be varied almost as you like. Chocolate crumbles, grated coconut, ground nuts, maple syrup – all that and much more can be added to the waffle batter at will. A variant with waxing effect are Coffee waffles with protein , with them the liquid for the dough consists of two-thirds of espresso. In addition, instead of three eggs only two come in the dough, but some quark. For Christmassy biscuit waffles you mix something Spekulatius spice among the basic ingredients.

Trend from the USA: Egg Waffles

Special waffle iron you need for the latest waffle trend: Egg Waffles , Here, the waffle has a square shape and consists of coherent small dough balls. The Egg Waffle is rolled up into a kind of cup-shaped bag and filled with goodies such as fruits, mousse au chocolat or ice cream – delicious!

ice cream cone delicious waffles recipe

Waffle on a stick

Waffels on a stick are a great snack idea especially for children. As a handle are normal wooden sticks for ice cream. But how do waffle and stalk come together? There are also special irons for that. They have a notch in which the stem is laid. But it is also possible without special equipment, the waffle on a stick can also be prepared with conventional waffle iron. If the dough is airy enough, the stem can be easily put into the waffle. If you dab it in a little bit of couverture, it keeps you very well. The waffle on the stem taste pure, but of course also decorated with couverture or sprinkles. , toa-heftiba-251316 Taylor-kiser-361158 , alexandra-gorn-310414

delicious waffles with sauce and blackberries
raspberry jam egg waffles delicious waffles
prepare delicious waffles with fried eggs

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