Make A Chocolate Bar And Make A Sweet Gift Yourself

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When talking about the Christmas gift for a loved one, you want to go right to the end of the world to choose the best, the most beautiful and the most wonderful for him / her. You want to be original, but also spoiling and be able to express so many feelings with a gift. The offer is huge and one suddenly no longer knows where to get the best present for the dearest person in the short time before Christmas. We, at Freshideen, would like to share with you cool ideas on how to make the dreamed-for gift yourself and how the great love that you feel can be expressed through it. As?! The answer is: chocolate!

Make the most beautiful gift yourself and spoil him / her sweet

chocolate bar frame wild

You can buy the most expensive and tastiest chocolate in the world and wrap it splendidly and conspicuously and there might be something missing.. The purchase of this chocolate shows much of your personal good taste and subtle sophistication and is guaranteed to be fantastic. If you feel that this expression of feelings is sufficient, we think that’s fine.

But if that is not the case and if you still need something special and really want to give it away for Christmas, today we have just the thing for you.

The chocolate bar can be individually and freely designed

chocolate bar custom design

Try with crazy and unknown flavors around

chocolate bar shape delicious

Of course, the Christmas spices are a perfect fit for a festive occasion

make chocolate gift yourself with love spices christmas

Make chocolate yourself and lovingly design the chocolate bar

Whether you design a chocolate bar, make chocolates yourself, stir in mousse au chocolat or even make chocolate fondue, you need a very important ingredient and that is all your love. Without them, your chocolate can never succeed.

Apart from 100% pure love you need the following ingredients, if you want to create your own sweet creations and excellent chocolate bar:

Even if the chocolate is kept classic in the taste, the outer shape can be surprisingly different

chocolate bar frame whole milk chocolate

Artful creations and decorations will immediately reach your senses with their wonderful fragrance and beauty

chocolate bar frame passion

Some beauty can only be admired

chocolate bar design artfully make your own gift

The chocolate is allowed to dry completely in a mold and harden

make chocolate gift make yourself with love spices Christmas spice mix nut

Ingredients: 50g cocoa, 50 butter, 200g milk powder, 125g water or cream, 100g sugar or honey

The finished mass should shine silky on the surface

chocolate bar design all the way

The chocolate tolerates several and also intense flavors

make chocolate gift yourself make with love spices Christmas spice mix

Figs go well with walnuts or hazelnuts

Schkoladentafel Shaping molds figs

Spices and flowers containing essential oils make the delicious chocolate bar an experience for all the senses

make chocolate bar design lavender cardamom gift yourself

Preparation: Cocoa and butter are melted in a water bath with constant stirring. When the mass is homogeneous, add the cream or water. Remove the jar from the water bath and stir the ingredients. When the mass has cooled to about 50 degrees, the honey or sugar can be mixed with the cocoa butter mass. Now you can mix in the other ingredients, such as nuts or fruits. Christmas, the chocolate can smell, if you sprinkle some of the gingerbread spice over it. It would also be good idea to stir hot chillies into the chocolate. Cookies, grains, seeds, sweets or something earthy, such as beetroot, can also be found in the homemade chocolate.

It is important to get the basic recipe right

Schkoladentafel Shaping Molds Cowardly Love Give Away

and then find a suitable shape

chocolate bar design typo

Tasty and fragrant ingredients can only give good results

framing a chocolate bar

Of course you can decorate the chocolate purely for Christmas

chocolate bar shape chocolate lolly

The surprises are always welcome!

filled chocolate bar

Choose a festive shape for your chocolate! The chocolate should look as good as it tastes.

The individual, exotic or habitual tastes, or rather nuances or notes, can be enhanced by special spices and flavors be achieved. Many of the chocolateries keep the recipes secret, because that is what makes their treats a unique brand. Nevertheless, we reveal what else could be found in an otherwise sweet and delicious chocolate and leave all the creative rest of your imagination, creativity and enthusiasm.

Take the heavenly flavors and enchanting colors from the beginning

chocolate board design gift yourself make christmas scent

This is important throughout the development of the chocolate ingredients

make chocolate bar make chocolate yourself

Add some more love

make chocolate bar make a present yourself

Do not forget that Christmas is the festival of light and love and only give it when it comes from the heart!

Contemplative and peaceful celebration!

The chocolate could also be baked in the oven at 50 to 100 degrees for about 15 minutes

Schkoladentafel shape shapes

For a smooth and noble surface you can use cake foil

chocolate bar shape finish
chocolate bar shape noble chocolate
Schkoladentafel shape molds
chocolate bar frame free form
Make a chocolate gift yourself with love
chocolate bar design make gift yourself christmas
make chocolate gift yourself with love condiment
Schkoladentafel design geschnk make yourself with love spices christmas reflection mold
make chocolate gift make yourself with love spices christmas reflection
chocolate bar shape gift ideas
Make a chocolate gift yourself
chocolate bar shaped hazelnut
chocolate bar frame caramel filling
chocolate bar frame caramel
chocolate bar shape crispy
chocolate bar shape suitable for chocolate
chocolate bar shaped pralines
make chocolate bar make chocolate yourself

chocolate bar shape christmas pie
chocolate bar shape truffle
chocolate bar frame decorate
chocolate bar shape whole milk
chocolate bar frame christmas
chocolate bar frame christmas tree
chocolate bar shape white chocolate with fruits

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