Make Almond Milk Yourself: The Ultimate Recipe!

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to cow’s milk? Do you have lactose intolerance or are you simply vegan and do not eat any foods of animal origin? Then you are absolutely right here, because today we will show you how you can easily make healthy almond milk yourself. All you need is water and almonds. It is best to use organic almonds and filtered bottled water. You can also prepare vegetable milk from other nuts using the simple recipe below – walnuts , Cashew, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts or even soy.

Make healthy, fresh almond milk yourself

make almond milk bottle yourself

Why is homemade almond milk so healthy?

Firstly, homemade almond milk does not contain emulsifiers and other additives, as do many similar products from the supermarket. Also sugar is not in it. In addition, such a DIY vegan milk is much creamier and smoother than the conventional one. Only you decide which ingredients to use and can ensure a high organic quality.

Of course, the valuable properties of almonds are added. These nuts are rich in magnesium, calcium, copper as well as vitamins B and E. They also contain a lot of high-quality, vegetable protein. Several studies have shown that almonds protect against diabetes and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. In addition, these nuts are a great addition to the basic diet and have a strong prebiotic effect by being rich in fiber and ensuring sufficient nutrients for the good bacteria in the gut. By the way, the regular consumption of almonds also helps to maintain the desired body weight in a sustained weight loss ,

Almond milk also tastes delicious with cinnamon

Make almond milk yourself with cinnamon

Make almond milk yourself: the recipe

The delicious, healthy drink is easy to prepare with little time and money. See below how it works.

The ingredients:

  • 1 liter of water (filtered or spring water)
  • 200 g organic almonds
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 1 tbsp of agave syrup, maple syrup or honey (as desired)
  • alternatively 4-5 dates
  • prize cinnamon , Nutmeg or vanilla

You can also experiment with other nuts and ingredients

Make walnuts almond milk yourself

And this is how it continues:

Soak almonds in a bowl full of water overnight. Drain the water the next day, rinse almonds off briefly, peel as you like and place in the blender or food processor. Pour warm or hot water over it and purée for about 2-3 minutes until a uniform, whitish liquid is obtained. Then lay out a colander and cover with a cheesecloth. Allow the almond milk to flow into a glass bottle or other suitable container. Then squeeze the whole cheesecloth out a little to drain the almond milk optimally. Sweeten as desired and round with the spices. Finished!

You can even use a towel made of DM as a cheesecloth

making almonds healthy

Extra tip: If you are taking dates or vanilla from a vanilla pod, add these ingredients to the liquid before mixing so that everything becomes smooth and creamy.

Soaked almonds are easy to peel

make almond milk yourself

Do not waste the valuable ingredients of the almonds and do not throw away the core remnants when making your almond milk. The almond mass can be easily dried in the sun or in the oven for about 1 hour to 100 degrees. This results in a great almond flour that you at vegan baking continue to use.

In addition, this almond mass is a great exfoliation for body and face

make almond flour almond milk yourself

Try out how you can make your own almond milk yourself. The whole thing is really fast, super easy and above all very, very healthy. In a glass bottle or mason jar the vegan milk keeps up to 2-3 days in the refrigerator without problems. The almond milk is quite good for your homemade Golden milk suitable as well as for the trendy nightcap Blue Moon Milk ,

Have fun preparing and drinking and stay healthy!

Cool with sea salt or warm with maple syrup – homemade almond milk always tastes great

make almond milk yourself recipe

Prepare yourself a delicious Chia Pudding to!

Make chia pudding almond milk yourself

or a healthy cereal with nuts and berries…

Make healthy breakfast almond milk yourself

Experiment with colors and flavors

almond milk itself make strawberries

Or simply enjoy your almond milk – pure!

Make healthy almond milk yourself

almond milk itself make healthy drink

And how about homemade soy milk?

Making soja almond milk yourself