The Simplest Lavender Syrup Recipe: Summer Can Really Start!

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Hardly any smell is more summery and beguiling than the scent of lavender , When it blooms, everyone knows that summer has definitely arrived! If you can, feel the heavenly scent all year round and feel like in the French Provence. And the good news is – that really works! And how? Quite simple – with homemade lavender syrup.

This not only smells wonderful, but also tastes heavenly and refreshes us on hot summer days. At the same time lavender has a pleasant effect on body and soul. It vitalizes and relaxes one at the same time. With a few fresh mint leaves or a dash of fresh lemon… just delicious! In addition, lavender syrup fits many other drinks, such as the summer punch, iced tea, the cafe latte or even champagne pancakes taste even better and the ice gets a fresh, southern touch. Even with meat and fish you could add the homemade lavender syrup and provide a gourmet experience in a class of its own.

A lavender syrup for all cases!

lavender syrup lemonade coconut cocktail


  • 2 liters of water
  • 5 handfuls of fresh or dried lavender
  • 6 organic lemons
  • 2 kg of sugar or 1.5 liters of maple syrup

You can also use some citric acid or homemade lemonade

lavender syrup citric acid

And this is how it’s done:

Slice the untreated lemons. Bring water to a boil with lavender and lemons at low or medium levels. Simmer for about 10 minutes, remove from heat and leave overnight. Strain the whole thing the next day and put it back in the saucepan. Bring it to a boil with the sugar or maple syrup this time, allow to cool and transfer to the desired glass container. Glass vials or mason jars, which are easy to close, are best suited.

If the lemons are not organic, then you should necessarily squeeze them out and throw the bowls away

prepare lavender syrup yourself

You can enjoy the syrup immediately

lemonade and lavender syrup to make yourself

Homemade lavender syrup is also the perfect DIY gift for almost any occasion, and not just in summer. You can wrap it nicely in vials and jars, stick with self-made stickers and write a congratulatory or beautiful spell on it. Finished!

Prepare your very special lavender syrup this summer!

Make lavender syrup yourself
homemade lavender syrup and lemonade

Add it to jams and sweets…

lavender syrup lavender jam gift idea
summer cocktails with lavender syrup

… or just to your coffee specialties

tea with lavender syrup
cafe latte with lavender syrup

Honey in lavender syrup is not wrong either

Make honey lavender syrup yourself

Freshly boiled, the syrup has a beautiful purple color, which later fades slightly

lavender syrup making a gift idea
lavender syrup to lose weight in the summer
lavender syrup recipe summer

You can use chic glasses in purple or purple

lavender syrup summer drinks

Lavender syrup also tastes great with your green tea

lavender syrup party

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