Vegan Baking – Simple Biscuits That Taste Healthy And Delicious

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Vegan is the diet in which you completely dispense with animal products and satisfied with the purely vegetable sources. It has long been proven that vegan is legitimate, natural and even healthy.

The human body can get just as good the necessary nutritional value of the plants and it is not discussed for a long time. The vegan cooking also works wonderfully and tastes excellent. How is it with baking? The egg is also an animal product and baking without an egg does not sound serious to many.

Today we want to bake vegan or at least clarify the baking ingredients. It is said that it is not fashion, but a further stage of human development, to eat vegan food. Whether this is so, we can not say yes, but also not deny. What we can and will do is give you our clever finds and great Christmas recipes for simple cookies that are not only delicious, but also absolutely vegan.

Vegan baking – an alternative form of Christmas baking

vegan baking simple biscuits

Important ingredients for vegan baking

“Who wants to bake good cake, which must have seven things: eggs and lard, butter and salt, milk and flour….”A Christmas baking without butter, without milk and without eggs just can not take place. There are still enough people who believe in this clichĂ©. The following examples may prove the opposite, and it ultimately remains a matter of personal taste how you want to bake your cookies.

When vegan baking you should stick to the exact baking times

vegan baking simple cookies advent

How can you replace the milk or the cream in the vegan biscuits? In every health food store you will find more than enough products, such as soy milk, rice drink, almond or coconut milk, which even have the right consistency for biscuit baking.

What shape the biscuits will have remains and is strictly individual

vegan baking simple biscuits gingerbread

The replacement of butter is easier because the choice of vegetable fats is greater. Here you can use any oil, such as sesame, pumpkin seed, coconut or linseed oil. Anyone who likes to eat vegetable margarine can of course also take it for his biscuits.

With pistachios or healthy herbal powder you can add some color to the biscuits

vegan baking simple cookies matcha ginger

No I? So what?! The egg can be quickly and easily replaced by applesauce or banana. And if you ask at the health food store or in another specialty store for vegans, you get even more useful information.

Try something different than cookie cutters? Roll out the dough and cut out with a small glass

vegan baking simple biscuits round taler

And now to the practical part of our article:

Simple biscuits for a successful Christmas baking

Start with the vegan baking simply and carefully, then taste and only then you can judge.

Cinnamon spelled biscuits

150g coconut or sesame oil (sesame paste can also be used well)

250g spelled flour

3 tablespoons sugar beet syrup, molasses or honey

3TL cinnamon powder

100g ground hazelnuts

Preparation: All ingredients should be kneaded (preferably by hand) thoroughly, as you have a malleable dough ball in front of him. Roll out the dough and cut out or piece by piece to make small balls. Cook over medium heat until the bottom of the biscuits becomes slightly brownish. Baked for a moment too long, the biscuits are way too crispy. Let the biscuits rest in a tin can for one day.

Mixing the dough well is the nuts and bolts of every baking

vegan baking simple biscuits ripen

With the hands is still working best and we like to recommend this traditional technique

vegan baking simple cookies preparation

When the dough is finally ready, you can give the biscuits a nice shape

vegan baking simple biscuits

For vegan dough, the mass should be rolled thicker

vegan baking simple cookies flowers

To make the biscuits more juicy and less crispy, cut out thicker pieces

vegan baking simple cookies baking process

Cookies can look the way you like them best

vegan baking simple biscuits snails

Whole wheat flour and organic cocoa powder change the color and consistency of the dough

vegan bake simple biscuits fir tree

You should bake the biscuits until the outer edges become brownish

vegan baking simple biscuits with cinnamon

When still hot, sprinkle the cookies with powdered sugar

vegan bake simple biscuits around

Nuts and dried fruits bring some excitement to the Christmas bakery

vegan baking simple biscuit seed
vegan baking simple biscuits stars dried fruits

Christmas symbols are festive

vegan baking simple biscuits fir tree

The decoration and the offering should also have festive features

vegan baking simple biscuits christmas baking

With cranberries every pastry tastes even better

vegan baking simple biscuits with cranberries

The color of the cookies can be predetermined

vegan bake simple biscuits small
vegan baking plain biscuits with oatmeal

Some syrup and jam sweeten the party

vegan baking plain biscuits with jam middle

and create a colorful atmosphere

vegan baking plain biscuits with jam

You always want to greet snowballs in the winter time

vegan baking simple biscuits snowbake

Snowflakes can be made more believable and delicious by grated coconut

vegan baking simple biscuits snowflakes

The good pastry can of course be given away in matching packaging

vegan baking simple biscuit taler

Remember that the eye always shares

vegan baking give away a simple biscuit

To give a finished baking mixture for Christmas would be the very best

vegan baking simple cookies ingredients cookies embassy

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