What To Eat On Christmas Eve – Recipes And Tips

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For some weeks you have known how all your holidays will go, who will visit you, what you will cook or order, who will give you what and in which good restaurant you will enjoy the festive meal on one of the Christmas holidays. Everything seems to be perfectly organized and something is missing to complete happiness and that is the answer to the last important question for this year: what can you eat on Christmas Eve?

If you think about how early you started this year with all the preparations, not to forget anything, and still the festivity is a bit lost on this evening. Maybe this fact is only because of the fact that until the last moment you have your hands full and too busy with the festive food is busy for the first day of Christmas.

What will you eat on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve food recipes Christmas lights

Christmas Eve dinner festive and traditional without much effort

There are still many people who like to watch the Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve and come to church punctually. This could be the first reason why Christmas Eve food should go fast. The second reason might be the long Lent, which some people stick to in the run up to Christmas.

Traditional or modern – the whole family at the table makes the good meal even more festive

Eve, eat red cabbage

Everybody is looking forward to a special dish, which you can even combine with the party

Eve dinner Recipes sauerkraut with wuerstchen

This can be a delicious home-style fish

Eve dinner Recipes fish fillet

It could be, but still a crispy tarte

Eve dinner recipes flammkuchen

Recipes for Christmas Eve, which are fast and still festive

Often the whole family gathers at Christmas and enjoys festive food and a happy atmosphere together. For the evening before Christmas you want traditional and homemade dishes like red cabbage and dumplings. Some are also looking forward to Bockwurst and potato salad. A white sausage salad or cheese fondue can also perfectly fit the fast but festive concept of food. If you can not wait any longer for the duck or the turkey, you may have to miss the nativity scene in the church.

Bock sausages and potato salad are eaten in many houses on Christmas Eve

Eve dinner recipes bockwurst

Some people can not wait with the goose until Christmas

Eve dinner recipes goose with pumpkin and baked apple

With the choice of a raclette you have fresh and fast prepared food and you sit comfortably together and look forward to the happy reunion. Just prepare what your family loves best and give yourself a cozy and peaceful Christmas Eve.

If you do not necessarily have to go to church, you can also make something more elaborate

Eve dinner recipes exclusive

The pleasure of dining in peace with the family could make the whole party

Eve dinner recipes antipasti tapas

Christmas Eve can be quite deliciously vegetarian

Eve dinner recipes vegetarian

Herring fillet and dill potatoes are made quickly and are a round meal

Eve dinner recipes herring fillet with potatoes

The cabbage rolls are and will remain a festive hit

Eve Eve Recipes cabbage roulades festive
Eve dinner recipes cabbage roulades

It is enough if you prepare a delicious potato salad and offer different kinds of sausage. Various sauces and a festive table decoration may be enough if the whole family is finally at home at the same time.

Happy holidays and a comfortable time, wishes you the editors!

For many people, the potato dumplings are a festive meal

Eve dinner recipes winter vegetables

and you even prepare it yourself

Eve dinner recipes potato

Wild mushrooms in a suitable sauce complete the festive meal

Eve dinner recipes

In many states one looks forward the whole year to the gnocchi

Eve dinner recipes gnocchi

For a party you can also indulge in a chic restaurant

Eve dinner recipes buffet
Eve dinner Eat recipes

Oily cheeses can be perfectly combined with sweet dishes and offered as a festive dinner

Eve dinner Recipes camembert with fruits

Fondues and raclettes are a good solution for the festival and are therefore preferred on Christmas Eve

Eve dinner to cook recipes at the table directly

For this you should only buy the ingredients in advance and prepare for the evening

Eve Eve, festive eating recipes

You sit together, talk and take to yourself completely fresh and warm food

Eve dinner recipes fondue

Depending on the preferences of your guests, a magnificent cheese platter can be festive enough

Eve dinner recipes kaese

And if there is roast, allow the children to make their food as it tastes

Eve dinner recipes delicious

Everything tastes good when you are in good company

Eve dinner recipes master raclette

If you would prefer to travel, give yourself a dish that meets your wish halfway

Eve dinner recipes cooking mussels
Eve dinner recipes Austria
Eve dinner recipes raclette
Eve dinner recipes raclette cheese
Eve dinner recipes ribs
Eve dinner recipes red cabbage
Eve dinner recipes pork tenderloin
Eve dinner recipes sausages
Eve dinner eat sausage

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