Cool City Model Of Board Nina Lindgren “floating City”

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cool city model from floating cardboard

The floating structure, which you see in the image above, was designed by Stockholm-based designer Nina Lindgren

It looks like a floating cardboard sculpture, which tries to reproduce the futuristic urban utopia of styles Metrolpole of the year 1927 in kusntvoller manner.

They brought on a series of cardboard elements together. So, you have a view geshafft that strongly reminiscent of a hill with its structure and landscape. It has integrated even lights. Thus, the impression became more realistic and more spacious.

Cool city model made of cardboard

cool city model out of cardboard exhibition

An art installation called “floating city”. This can be seen in many different versions. It has a series of geometric configurations. They look like city landscapes, architecture and film miniatures. It has reduced the individual elements to tightly packed forms.

You will attract the attention of visitors constantly through the Group

cool city model floating cardboard presentation

The installation may look very solid in the eyes of some people. Also our reaction was, first, that you should place them in a gallery. But at the same time, you have to know that this construction is very easy.

You can be so they at various points, where it corresponds to the proportions and style of the room

cool city model artist cardboard designer

You can continue to place the work on the ground. The illuminated variants can contribute also to a very bright and cheerful mood.

In the pictures here you can experience the work against a neutral background

city model out of cardboard carton box

It represents not only a central piece in the represented size, but dominated in the room

cool city model from cardboard materials materials

Still seems the artist the town, along with their entire architecture such as a small world that is closed in itself, to have perceived. What do we mean? If you look at the work, you will not be a planned recalls, which is surrounded by its satellite?

It is possible the artwork is currently viewing live at Art Rebels Art Gallery

cool city model from floating cardboard design

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