David Bowie Eyes – An Emblem Of Pop Culture

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David Bowie eyes two eyes

David Bowie eyes, and the way to success

“” “”One of the most famous English”, …unter the 100 most successful artists of all time”, “Priscilla Stardust”, “Bowie”, “The Thin White Duke”, “androgynous”, “bisexual”,”the singer with different eyes”… These are only the most common descriptions, whereupon the reader encounters the search after facts relating to the artist in relationship.

David Bowie is the most innovative pop musicians of his time

David Bowie eyes two eyes up-to-date

Without the ambition to be famous he is almost 50 years on stage

David Bowie eyes Grey

It can be confused both his eyes, and his songs and his voice

David Bowie eyes up-to-date

Born on the 08.01.1947 and raised in London, the young David Bowie never felt the ambition to become a rock star. Although it plays saxophone, but that he is the inventor of modern pop music, was unpredictable.  In his 40-year career, and with 25 plates of the singer has never stopped to address current trends and to reinvent itself over and over again across the genre.

The different eyes will be protected signs

David Bowie eyes sexy picture

With his extraordinary sex appeal he desires women and faster

David Bowie eyes SW

At night he becomes famous in the States and there is considered the most famous English

David Bowie eyes Studio

Apart from its exceptional and experimental music David Bowie gained popularity thanks to its different-colored eyes and his generally eccentric appearance.

The reason for “David Bowie eyes” is not a disease or a genetic defect, but a bloody confrontation in the teenage years, at that time still, David Robert Haywood Jones. David and his good buddy have a fight over a girl. (UN) Fortunately, the young Bowie got a piece of the alien finger nails in the eye. The doctors were worried that he will completely lose this eye light, but at the end they were yet able to recover his sight.

His eye injured David Bowie in a fight over a girl

David Bowie eyes heterochromia

His opponent later designed the covers of his records

David Bowie eyes old picture

Bowie works with influential artists, among other things, with John Lennon and Brian Eno

David Bowie eyes two eyes Photo Studio

However, there were problems with depth perception and the enlargement of the pupil.  The weirdness of his eyes, which look at passers-by from any poster or CD, David Bowie finally became a notable star in the artistic world.

Later in the years during a show, Bowie is again struck by a lollipop in the same eye.

Different eye color is called heterochromia

David Bowie eyes two eyes cigarette

Bowie enhances the effect of the damaged eye color lenses

David Bowie eyes Rotehaare

David Bowie surprised his audience both musically and visually

David Bowie eyes collage

Curiosities about David Bowie:

He constantly changed his appearance.

His eyes are blue, but through color lenses, he transforms into effect the defect.

In an interview, he said that he and his first wife went out with the same man when they met.

He can play 14 instruments and rejects the knighthood in 2003.

Except as a pop musician David Bowie as a film actor, producer and composer is recognized

David Bowie eyes close

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