Discover Molecular Cuisine – The Wonders Of Experimental Gastronomy!

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molecular cuisine experimental gastronomy

Molecular kitchen – innovative flavours and fine aromas

Not cool sounds all cocktails in ice-spheres, caviar from olive oil, vanishing, translucent ravioli -? Yes, all are creations from the experimental kitchen. She is known primarily as a molecular cuisine. Physical and chemical reactions are used in a spectacular way to give the food new lines of tastes and textures. The result? New and innovative dining experiences. The term describes this way of cooking with the chefs discover new culinary possibilities with tools from the science lab molecular cuisine. Molecular gastronomy is trying to introduce the chemical reactions in the transformation of the ingredients in this way and to illustrate this better. Many of the chefs in this area do not accept the concept of molecular cuisine and prefer other descriptions such as modern kitchen, modernist kitchen, experimental kitchen or avant-garde cuisine. This sound less strictly and not scare off consumers. The molecular cuisine, the chefs study how the food taste and transform themselves when they are in different physical or chemical conditions such as temperature, pressure, or other.

The experiments of molecular cuisine have invented for ice cream of shrimp and olive oil spirals like hot gelatin, airy side dishes, imitation caviar, sphere-shaped Ravioli, numerous innovative dishes. The potential is huge. The traditional cuisine is completely revolutionized and the food is a surprising, emotional and sensual experience. So, for example the world-famous chef Ferran Adria from the Spanish restaurant El Bulli on the Costa Brava has used the active ingredient of alginate gel drinks in a form of spheres, which then burst in the mouth. Heston Blumenthal – an other first-rate chef from the restaurant The Fat Duck in Bray, England has the property of fats found to store different flavors. So, he has prepared a court that has three flavors – basil, olives and onions – which are performed one after the other.

Molecular delicacy of ice with fresh fruit

molecular cuisine dessert ice

Normally, if someone for the first time by the molecular cuisine, you think incorrectly on some unhealthy, synthetic, chemical, dehumanizing and unnatural. This is distilleries on the table, PH meters and shelves full of chemicals with names such as maltodextrin, carrageenan and xanthan LED luminous liquids, injection, and not unexpectedly, when you consider that the molecular cuisine is often opts for steamy piston filled with liquid nitrogen. But the truth is that these so-called chemicals are purely organic and completely harmless for human health. These additives are recognized as EU standards and are used only in minimal doses. So don’t be afraid, if you have a unique opportunity to sample molecular cuisine. On the contrary, can enjoy this fascinating journey through the rich land of flavours and the innovative flavors.

Spring cocktail with egg and Primroses

molecular kitchen cocktail pineapple eggs Primrose

Artfully prepared drinks

molecular cuisine cocktails foam

Food art of high class

molecular cuisine experimental gastronomy art

Smoked shrimp with fresh salad

molecular cuisine gastronomy shrimp smoke

Stuffed oysters with caviar beads

molecular cuisine stuffed oysters caviar

Cheese and tomato with Basil and balsamic vinegar caviar

molecular cuisine stuffed tomato balsamic Pearl

Delicious raspberry dessert

molecular cuisine raspberries specialty

Main dish of lobster and leeks

molecular cuisine lobster spring onions

Orbs-Mojito with fresh mint

molecular cuisine Karbonierte Mojito spheres

Algiengelee and black caviar

molecular cuisine caviar seaweed jelly

Fine desserts with beautiful flowers decorated

molecular cuisine dessert fresh flowers

Different fresh squeezed orange juice

molecular kitchen orange juice ball

Crème in the form of spheres

molecular cuisine dessert caramel

Colored beads with different flavors

molecular cuisine revolutionary gastronomy colorful bead

Tender pork and cucumber garnish

molecular cuisine Pork fillet cucumber

Smoked sushi with egg yolk

molecular cuisine sushi Asian

Saffron shrimp with tomatoes and fennel

molecular kitchen tomato shrimp fennel saffron

Yellow gelled Tagliatellen with tomatoes and fresh herbs

molecular kitchen tomato tagliatelle herbs

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