Elif Shafak And Your Classic Of Modern Literature

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Elif Shafak world literature writer

They are famous also for the defence of women’s rights and the messages against discrimination of any kind

Elif Shafaks books may already be called a classic of modern world literature most certainly due to the celebrities in many different countries. Thwart themselves in their subjects nationalities, cultures, religions, and they become bestsellers all over the world.

Elif Shafaks contribution to world literature

Elif Shafak world literature books Festival reading

The embassies of the world literary classics by Elif Shafak is current every day. Because she committed there against any kind of aggression and bloody rebellion in this world. By examples that are quite human, touching it explains clearly why discrimination is bad, and how you can sit through without rough physical force for Spiritual rebirth, democracy and equal rights.

Solid political opinion

Elif Shafak world literature talk show

Elif Shafak was born in Strasbourg, in the family of diplomats. Then she studied in Ankara and in the United States and scientifically. She firmly believes that Turkey belongs to the EU. But that can happen in no case by blood and people fighting.

At the age of 43, lives the writer as a cosmopolitan and feel as a citizen of the world

Elif Shafak world literature up-to-date

She shares her time between Marie, America and Turkey. In the House, it’s full of souvenirs from the Istanbul market. From there, she repeatedly brings trifles, which can be found otherwise anywhere in the world.

Istanbul is undoubtedly the favorite city of the writer, many great pictures and photos always keep their memories.

The world literature, Elif Shafak and the philosophy

Elif Shafak world literature pictures

Elif Shafak is one of a number of modern authors of world literature which impart at the same time innovative philosophical currents. In their case it is the Sophie. Thanks to this philosophical doctrine, wisdom, love and deep understanding for others flows from her books.

Already in their childhood, Edgley was of many books, maps, photographs and most importantly – give to much freedom.

The personal life story

Elif Shafak world literature books

Elif’s parents divorced very soon, in 1972. She was a year old. She stayed with her mother, and they traveled together to the whole world. They were in Morocco, Lebanon, United Kingdom. After having finished her studies, she began to work as a journalist.

The nostalgia for the homeland

Elif Shafak world literature the bastard of Istanbul

The longing and the strong connection to the homeland are typical for many of the modern writers of world literature. This certainly also applies to Elif Shafak. She has not lost these feelings in spite of change runs in her life story. Even, it seems better to be able to appreciate their cultural roots as a result. Here, she used the Ottoman Turkish estimated for obsolete. Both languages and cultures are only enhanced by influences from different cultures. Ultimately the nationality as a factor in these just seems to disappear.

It creates a real modern world literature, which deeply impressed us

Elif Shafak world literature honor

Elif Shafak is only cosmopolitan and multicultural

Elif Shafak world literature elephant

She writes very well in English, as well as in Turkish

Elif Shafak world literature modern

Two of her famous novels

Elif Shafak world literature new bestsellerworld literature red envelope Elif Shafak

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