Enamel Jewelry – Ancient Technique And Attention To Detail

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enamel jewelry three rings a character deer

Stand on enamel jewelry?

Have you seen already enamel jewelry or even worn? Or perhaps you wonder just what has to actually do this stuff with jewelry at all? We will illustrate that the example of this lovely rings for you. It is a clever idea of jewelry on Etsy. The artist has merryme in Bangkok, Thailand in his online shop Daintyme this cute three-piece rings issued with animal figures. Through his masterful handiwork, he shows his attention to detail and long forgotten memories of children.

Enamel rings with cute animal figures

enamel jewelry three piece ring squirrel

Three delicate parts form a cute squirrel

enamel jewelry ring squirrel Acorn

What is enamel at all?

Quite simply put, enamel is a glass mass. It consists of quartz sand, soda and lime. The mass on metal surfaces such as gold, silver, copper or bronze is melted at the enameling. The melting temperature can be controlled through the use of flux and metal oxides provide the determination of color, opacity, and luster.

The enamelling is a very old technique of jewelry. Enamel was offering in tombs found, were built 3500 years ago. This material was already known to the Egyptians and the Mykenern and very popular, because it produces a specific depth and luminosity.

OWL stand for wisdom and mysticism

enamel jewelry three rings OWL

Beautifully crafted parts

enamel jewelry three rings OWL motif

When the enamel jewelry, sure that he is lead-free. Otherwise, you can get unpleasant irritation to sensitive skin. On the Internet and in the specialized shops you will find a rich variety of jewelry pieces from enamel. No matter whether you send to a necklace, a ring, earrings or bracelets, you will find it in any case. You can combine of course all jewelry sets for himself and wear on different occasions and with any clothes.

First look this beautiful ring creations and choose your favorite animal. You have the opportunity to wear the rings on three fingers, or at the same time on one. Our favorite is definitely the cute squirrel. And you?

A sweet red deer with Golden hooves and antlers

enamel jewelry three rings a character deer

Have a cool watchdog on the finger – not bad, or?

enamel jewelry three rings motif dog

Wear it even in three distributed

enamel jewelry ring dog three parts

For real birds fans – a cuddly Gull

enamel jewelry three rings Seagull

Little raccoon on two fingers

enamel jewelry three piece ring raccoon

The three parts at a glance

enamel jewelry three rings raccoon figurine

And how about an Arctic fox?

enamel jewelry three-part ring Arctic fox

Have the grace and elegance of a Swan in itself

enamel jewelry ring three parts Swan

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