Fancy Dresses – Unique Collection Of Spring 2015

fancy dresses Crayola Crayons collage

Fancy dresses from crayons for spring

Do you fancy dresses? If this is the case, then you will know to appreciate our current publication. The American Department store chain Bloomingdale’s has given the unusual order some designer to design 2015 chic dress pieces from the iconic Crayola Crayons for the new spring collection. This unique fashion combines both – the fresh, original colors of the pins and the lightness of the design in a unique way. The dresses from crayons are simply unique with a specific relief and three-dimensional elements, which consist of the tips of Crayola pencils. The lemon-yellow dress is the most dynamic model of its upper part made of beautiful ornaments designed. From the snippet is a graceful pinwheels from colored pencil tips, which is located on the Bustier. More commissioned designers were clover Canyon, Rebecca Minkoff, Rebecca Taylor, torn by Ronny Kobo and Parker. Look at the summer suit by Parker. He has given the whole collection a creative Verve by he used the colored pencil sheaths for the upper part and the lower part consists of many tightly placed Crayola Crayons of color Jungle Green. Designer Derek Farrar and Laurieanne Gilner have given their opinion about it. They are fascinated by the combination of environmental friendliness and spring freshness. The unique, fancy dresses were recorded by Matthew Carasella and are currently in the 59th Street Bloomingdale’s, New York. You can find more detailed pictures on the official website of the photographer.

Another tip is the work of the designer herb Williams, who has been creating similar fashion with crayons since 2007. Enjoy the wonder!

Crayola Crayons – color and tradition

fancy dresses Crayola colored crayons

“Unmellow yellow” by Nanette Lepore

fancy dresses colored pencils yellow dress

Three-dimensional ornaments on the Bustier

fancy dresses crayons, Crayola yellow Bustier

Refined figures and patterns

fancy dresses crayons, Crayola yellow dress top

“Bittersweet” by torn – Ronny Kobo

fancy dresses crayons, Crayola red dress

Elegant relief and passion in red

fancy dresses red Crayola Crayons

“Banana Mania” by Rebecca Minkoff

fancy dresses crayons, Crayola

The collar of the tunic

fancy dresses Crayola Crayons yellow collar

The whole upper part of the “banana Mania”

fancy dresses crayons, Crayola yellow upper part

“Midnight Blue” by Rebecca Taylor

fancy dresses colored pencils pens Crayola Blau dress

“Canyon clover” by mountain meadow

fancy dresses green dress Crayola Crayons mountain meadow

“Jungle Green” Parker

fancy dresses colored pencils yellow shorts top

2015 Spring collection

fancy dresses crayons, Crayola colorful collection

So it looks the shop window of Bloomingdale

fancy dresses Crayola Crayons art fashion showcase