Fine Art Photography And Haute Couture By Bianca Luini

Editor   April 14, 2015   Comments Off on Fine Art Photography And Haute Couture By Bianca Luini

fine art photography makeup abstract

Fine art photography collages

Recently we came across a very interesting blog on the Internet. His name is where I see fashion and its author – the fashion designer Bianca Luini, who lives in Milan, has invented a very creative version of fine art photography. Selects quality photos from the fashion world and combines them with images from nature or from the modern art in beautiful photo collages. Enjoy this creative photo art and the subtle relationship between the various components. Form and colours are matched in a remarkable manner. Haute Couture fashion and design go hand in hand with magnificent nature motifs or abstract figures, as well as color impressions here. Sometimes the designer took a very long time before she is struck. You but firmly believes that a perfect couple can always be found. The important thing is that you never give up the search. Their sensitivity for shapes, colours and styles always continues and helps her tirelessly not only in their profession, but also in their hobby.

Wave-shaped perfection

fine art photography designer fashion dress painting

Especially the make-up we have like collages. The expertly made-up eyes correspond on a perfect artistic way with the main nuances on the right side of the image. An other favorite is the chic, extravagant dress which was perfectly matched with the chess Matt floor tiles. The Renaissance motifs, as well as the murals from a Christian Orthodox Church, combined with a fine designer dress are no less moving. Bianca Luini finds inspiration and fashion everywhere and manages to inspire the viewers so completely. Look at some of their best creations, that we have listed. What are your Favorites? For more insight in their work, go to their blog and Marvel just keep. Much fun!

Extravagance and elegance

fine art photography extravagant gown checkmate floor tiles

Shiny mystique

fine art photography haze city panorama silver gloss makeup

The perfect storm in the sea and on the catwalk

fine art photography evening dress fashion Lighthouse sea storm

Colourful geometry

fine art photography colorful geometric shapes hair accessories

Exploding lilies and fancy dress

art photography designer dress Lilium white

Top fashion and high mountains

art photography designer fashion mountains

Lively, warm shades

fine art photography fashion design color flush

Rich fabrics and magnificent marine life

art photography fashion dress coral

The infinite universe and its inspiration

art photography fashion fashion Galaxy

Minimalist with Quadratenmuster

art photography geometric pattern wall tiles mode

The unique electricity of summer storm

art photography makeup thunderstorm

A fabulous underwater world

art photography marine life painting evening dress

Simplicity at a high level

fine art photography fashion flowers pattern

Majestic ice Queen

art photography modern art designer fashion

The innocence of an Angel

fine art photography modern painting fashion design

Designer fashion and urban impressions

art photography fashion skyscrapers

Magic in cobalt blue

art photography top cobalt blue

Who says gray is boring?

art photography parrot fashion headdress

Tender peonies – splendid harbinger of summer

fine art photography Peony painting dress

Skin thin veil and fine smoke

fine art photography smoke veils fashion

Is not black is black

art photography black hair glistening coat

Beautiful summer flowers

fine art photography summer flowers painting dresses

Religious art and Haute Couture

art photography wall painting Church fashion

Neo-Renaissance in fashion

fine art photography wall painting Renaissance dress

The ultimate silver shine

fine art photography water photo silver Sheen jacket

A successful imitation

fine art photography white dress jellyfish

Curved lines and ceaseless energy

fine art photography wave pattern painting

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