Garland And Director – Fancy Café Decoration

light chain ladder wooden benches white chairs

Unconventional Café decorated with Garland and Director

Today we present you a fancy Café decoration and more specifically the chandeliers there. Everything started with an ordinary conductor and a Garland for the Carnival. Café Wennekerpand is only in the industrial style, and is located in Schiedam, South Holland. The unconventional but brilliant idea comes from the Studio of Bertjan Pot. The combination of string lights and head sounds so illogical, that even the idea is difficult. But it worked wonderfully.

The whole installation is called stairway to heaven to German head to the sky and is the perfect lighting for the great Hall, where the Café is located. Roughness and glitter – two opposites form a great unit and are the undisputed focal point in Wennekerpand. The industrial style is strictly kept. Square dining tables and white wooden chairs line up on long benches made of natural wood. There are also additional seating from plastic crates on the side. The crowd is mixed and all enjoy your cup of coffee in this unconventional and extraordinary atmosphere. If you are random in South Holland, visit the Wennekerpand Café and see for yourself.

Chandelier Garland and Director

light chain manager benches Idustriell

Led light chain and metal head

led of light head decoration Cafe

A Käffchen compliant?

Garland bartender bar counter coffee make

Spacious industrial style

led of light bar counter Cafe order

Long benches and white wooden chairs

led lights Cafe chandelier head

Unconventional chandelier

light chain metal wire led lights

Converted head and LED lights

light chain head ceiling decoration Cafe

Unique and imaginative

light chain reversed head hanging