Latin American Dances And Hot Rhythms

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Latin dancing salsa romantic

Latin dancing and music: recognize the diversity!

Española is called the island now, which first century was discovered by Columbus in the 15th. It’s a starting point for the entire Latin American history. It is the exciting story of a large geographical region, which all South and partly includes Central America.

A colorful mixture of cultures and races there. The matching was linked to very much suffering. But the mix, which followed from it is one of the biggest advantages of the continent now.

Latin American ballroom dance

Latin dance Turniertäze

This is beautifully described in the famous Brazilian samba song “Samba de Bencao”, which is sung by many performers. This includes including Bebel Gilberto.

É of melhor ser alegre que ser triste

Alegria é a melhorcoisaqueexiste

É of assimcomo a luz no coração

MAS pra fazer beleza com to samba

É preciso’s bocado de tristeza

É preciso’s bocado de tristeza

Não Senão, não se faz to samba

“Rather be happy than sad,

The joy is the best thing in the world

It is like a light in the heart

But to make a Samba.

Do you need a little sadness,

Do you need a little sadness,

So easy to make a Samba not…”

This conclusion for the Samba also applies to all other directions in the music of Latin America.

The steps at the Merenge dance

It is narrated Merenge was one of the most beautiful styles in dance and music of Latin America. The steps of the slaves on the plantations served as source of inspiration. This is of course only one of the versions. Whatever the case, at the end of the 19th century dancing Merenge on Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The partner dancing hand in hand. The dance is so popular by the intimate atmosphere which arises.

The Tats-merengue

Latin dancing merengue pair

Mambo and Latin American music

If you like listening to the music of Latin America before the sight of a beautiful dance, then Mambo might be the right choice for you!

It’s a dance direction, who was born in Cuba. Its modern form is there since the 40s and is a mixture of jazz and Afrokubanischen rhythms.

It danced alone can and also in a wide variety of groups.

Mambo inspiration on the stage

Latin Dancing Mambo stage Festival


According to Paolo Conte, this style is an apotheosis of the tango. He has Spanish roots in Argentina and was developed there. In Cuba, it has filled the Rumba with much passion. This dance has ultimately become one of the most popular on the island, he is influenced most by African cultural influences.

Classic Samba Bolero

Latin dance Rumba Bolero

Hot Cuban Samba

Latin dance Cuban Rumba


Also since the beginning of the 19th century, this dance goes back. Like many other types of dance and music in Latin America, he has African roots. Goal, here, is that the women can be guided by the rhythms of which beauty and passion show completely and unfold.

When it comes to seduction, Cha Cha Cha is unbeatable among the Latin American dances.

Cha Cha Cha seduction

Latin American dances Cha Cha Cha Professional


We came to speak just now on the Samba. Typical is this music for Brazil. This is at all the country which is culturally very different all the others in the region from the.

The colorful magic of Brazilian samba

Latin American dances samba carnival Rio

The Samba as a competition dance

Latienamerikanische dances Samba tournament dances

Salsa and bachata

Briefly, we want to enter also the currently most modern dances. Bachata is music, which is everywhere in Latin America. She is but originally from the Dominican Republic.

Bachata trend

Latin dances bachata dancing

Salsa means sauce in translation from Spanish. She’s there mostly hot. The dance is also so. He has different variants, which could also be associated with the various countries. The cradle, so the place of origin is as in many other cases Cuba but, also.

Salsa in Colombia

Latin dancing salsa Colombia

Rhythm and passion

Latin dancing stage pair

The new generation of dance

Latin dancing of young couple

Fun and joy of dancing

Latin dancing Joie de vivre

Romance for two

Latin dancing romantic dance pair

The timeless Tango from Argentina

Latin American dances Tango

Grace and ease in the movement

Latin dance music

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