Latino Music – An Endless, Passionate Story

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Latino Music Rumba dancer

The Latino Music – truth and myths

For many people, the Latino represent a combination of wonderful melodies, dynamic rhythms and passionate movements music and accompanying dances.

But this world is so high that one feels often also something bad. You think that it is hard to belong. However, as we often told: you not afraid to to get to know the unknown. Today we want to help you by adherence to this principle, music and dances to learn more about the Latino.

In this context, it is important that you begin to distinguish between truth and myths. Are you?

Latino music and dance are inseparable

Latino Music Latinoamerikanische dances

Salsa music is not the same Latino

The style of the Latino music and dance, most popular now in Europe represents salsa. But there’s much more. There are even bachata, Merenge, and much more. Let from Brazilian samba, which played music with a completely different Latino.

Colorful Joie de vivre – the Samba

Latino Music samba carnival Brazil

Salsa – a Latino music with lots of dancing to

The Latino music, you need to dance salsa is just one way. But to this many different dances can be played. They are innumerable. Only the right professional dancers know all this. Even this is not quite sure…

The spread and the LA are worldwide most popular style and New York. So to have these characteristics in the sense if you want to get to know better Latino music and dance up close, in a course maybe?

There are also clear similarities. The man leads all Salsa dances. Three steps and then a short break is inserted. At this point the differences start. The Cuban salsa is easy. It requires no special technical skills. You need lots of energy and physical stamina. To often dance in the circle and the ladies are changed. When this happens, is also determined by a man. The women’s Exchange will be called out.

Cuban Rueda

Latino Music Rueda Cuban Salsa

Cuban Salsa on the road

Latino Music Cuban Salsa Street

Salsa is by far not the most passionate style

Salsa bring lots of passion with music and dance. That’s for sure. But this is by far not the most passionate dance in the world. This will stop many people wrong is believed. Salsa suggests more passion to life. When it comes to love you, then there’s probably other styles which correspond better to your setting. In this case we would recommend rather to learn bachata.

Passionate bachata

Latino Music bachata dance

The difficulty of this dance is actually in the request to express this emotion. The steps are not very complicated.

As you recognize your style

You want some subsequent evidence, how to best find your style of music? Take a period in which you can visit as many Latino parties. Enjoy the Latino music, dance with a little spontaneous, feel what you like more or less. Because on the emotions and feelings, it’s mostly music and dance at Latino.

Traditional Cuban music

Latino Music African influence

Timeless and legendary

Latino Music Buenavista bar

Merenge in the Sun

Latino dances Merenge pair

Romantic and graceful

Latino Music traditional Cuban dance

Carnival in Havana

Latino dances Carnival Havana Cuba

Dancing on the stage

Latin music Rumba Havana Cuba

Night dance

Latino Music dancing pair

Professional steps

Latino music dance shoes women's men's

Cuban rhythm on the beach

Latino music dance Beach Cuba

Traditional drums

Latino Music traditional drums

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