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No matter if online store, advertising campaigns, or photos for a catalogue, it is always important to distinguish during the performance of products from the competition in our image-heavy society. What does product photography? How are a photo from a photo of the product the borders off? Publicity photos follow the sense to arouse emotions and stories to tell product photos represent the offered goods in the best light.

Who did not have the experience? Unattractive, poorly exposed images in online shops, which adversely affect buying behavior. Stimulating a high resolution photos are no longer imagined in advertising as well as in trading. Before you can shoot the first images, the question arises of optimum technical equipment. If the pictures to be printed no larger than in the DIN A4 format, almost every system camera is right. Manual camera and exposure settings are unavailable, so the brightness manually can be tuned. There is a camera with 8 to get nice, printable images, MP actually enough.

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Professional photographers recommend using a tripod so that the camera can be adjusted precisely. As well as every camera has a zoom or kit lens with a variable focal length. These are ideal for product photography. In a camera with interchangeable lens, the highest quality with a fixed focal length is achieved. To work with a full format chip, is the ideal focal length between 70 mm and 150 mm.

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Criteria for a successful product photography:

the right perspective
the concerns of small details
the optimal lighting

A window that is oriented to the North offers the best conditions in relation to the lighting. Usually a stable light situation above can be found here, away from direct sunlight. It is recommended to photograph, allowing a camera Flash is no longer necessary to light rich days. Terraces and shady places on the balcony are just as suitable.

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You can find some of the materials of that are necessary for great product photos in the household. White cartons, for example, are very suitable as underground. The products should remain firmly in their place, for this purpose, some little helpers are needed. Double adhesive tape, adhesive paste and nylon thread are a great relief for the invisible fastening and draping. Unfilled products, such as for example bags, can be burdened with simple materials.

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In product photography, even aesthetics and creativity are important in addition to technical requirements. Attractive images raise the interest of buyers many times over, so plenty of time for photo editing should be present. Align, cut and the levels make a fantastic shot of a beautiful photo. Here you will find a professional guide to product photography.

Have fun and success at shoot!

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