Modern Sculptures – The Universal Symmetry By Bathsheba Grossman

modern sculptures Symmtrie math

Modern sculptures calculation of symmetry

Bathsheba Grossman is an artist from Santa Cruz, California, whose sculptures on the computer first as 3D models are created and then through a three-dimensional printer that specifically works with metal, stainless steel and bronze “listed”.

Her bronze sculptures have mainly a mathematical nature. Often they are intricate patterns or mathematical oddities.

In an interview, Grossman tells how she of “math freak” has become an artist.

Grossman discovered that their math is actually pure art

modern sculptures Symmtrie Holy

The implementation of these figures is possible through complex 3D printing

modern sculptures Symmtrie Geroid

An organic beauty of stainless steel or bronze

modern sculptures Symmtrie nature

Their interests in the study were mathematics, geometry and topography, until she met the remarkable sculptor Erwin Hauer. After their meeting, she suddenly realized what she had in mind, is associated with art much more than with mathematics.  The symmetry is the basis of everything that creates them as art and there are many ways to create a symmetry in three-dimensional space so that the man can represent everything, what he needs.  The appeal by Bathsheba Grossman is again and again to discover the symmetry and to bring them to us.  Not just modern sculptures, but something quite unique are what makes the artist, because that makes no one in the world otherwise.

A geometry and harmony of the cosmos

modern sculptures Symmtrie metal

The sculptures by Bathsheba Grossman are indeed stunning

modern sculptures Symmtrie nexus

Before the technology has made it possible, Grossman struggled to implement everything by hand

modern sculptures symmetry vertebrae

It is incredible when you consider that everything is this mathematics

modern sculptures Symmtrie small

As she made more modern sculptures, the deeper she went underground in the world of symmetry, the free and biomorphic their products were. She says that it turns all about symmetry in their lives, even if she are trying to break the symmetry.

The exceptional artist has been told that she are fascinated by the 3D printer is technology, which it implemented their ideas much easier. She remembers the time in which the technology was not yet sufficiently developed and she worked with Wachau melting casting… Relax and manufacture was conceivable only by hand.

Some 3D find an application in the interior design prints

modern sculptures Symmtrie lamp

Precise stainless steel processing, can be implemented only by high-end technologies

modern sculptures Symmtrie stainless steel

Since she saw the first artistic product of a 3D printer, she began to remove itself from the rough, and to come, we see today closer to the smooth metal models.  Is better and cheaper to work procedures with the 3D, tells Grossman, and it has many more possibilities of expression.

The artist hopefully waiting for the further development of the technologies, because their ideas still continue forward.

First, the figures on the computer will calculate

modern sculptures Symmtrie shell

The symmetry breaking through and as a result, the results are often incomprehensible

modern sculptures Symmtrie bronze

Small 3-D printing products

modern sculptures Symmtrie Minis

The matrix of nature, which is still inexplicable to many of us

modern sculptures of Symmtrie Shapeways