Niki De Saint Phalle And Your Nana’s

Niki de Saint Phalle the largest Nana white

Niki de Saint Phalle – the Mama of the Nanas

Niki de Saint Phalle is a French sculptor and painter who has become known in Germany, inter alia through their Nanas. She has lived between 1930 and 2002 in France, the United States and Germany.

Their successful career began in 1964, when she created the first Nana’s after a long time of personal unhappiness and anger. The emergence of the Nanas linked to negative experiences in the early years of the artist.  The women’s movement and the sexual revolution in the 60s reinforce Nanas-idea and artistic implementation in addition.

A remarkable artist and woman activist

Niki de Saint Phalle Portait

Art in the public space of the street: cause for many protests and discussions in the 70s

Niki de Saint Phalle Hanover threesome

The Nanas: a manifest of the vitality and femininity

Niki de Saint Phalle Nana yellow

The style of the artist can be mistaken for hard

Niki de Saint Phalle Nana Kunsthaus Lempertz

The Nanas

The term of the Nanas comes from the French and us stands for the modern, self-confident, independent label strong side of “weak”sex. With the slogan “all power to the Nanas” creates Niki de Saint Phalle’s oversized, opulent and voluminous female figures in the imagery of pop art. The Nanas bring the almost-forgotten idea of the divine in the women. The “dolls” designed first from wire and textiles represent well-formed, life-affirming, dancing characters. With their colourfulness and intended much more pronounced femininity, the Nanas seem provocative, laughing off and announcing. They symbolize the victory and return of strong women in the active period of the women’s movement.

Their oversized female characters awaken memories of fertility and caution

Niki de Saint Phalle town

The largest Nana is 29 meters long this sculpture, named “You” and was exhibited for the first time in 1966 in Stokholm

Niki de Saint Phalle the largest Nana model

The walk-in woman body was a daring provocation

Niki de Saint Phalle the largest Nana Sweden

With bright colours and enormous scale, the Nanas are a special appearance

Niki de Saint Phalle Tintenblau

Also today, the Nanas are a well-known symbol of vitality and a reflection of the female existence. Unite all women in itself. Purely artistic, the Nanas provide a manifest of design without inhibitions and conventions.

The Nanas should extend far beyond the Museum context. In the 70s, Niki de Saint caused Phalle for headlines and protests with their ideas of art in the public space of the street.  First, three of the characters on the banks of Leibniz in Hanover have been exposed. That drew the ire of the citizens and at the same time was the basis of later sculpture mile on a leash.

The Nana on the Dolphin is one of the first in the series

Niki de Saint Phalle Nana on the dolphins

The life-affirming body expression is typical of the female characters

Niki de Saint Phalle silver

Lush and colorful the Nana speaking the language of pop art

Niki de Saint Phalle Nana yellow black

The artist unleashed violence and excitement through their sculptures. The characteristics of recognition are small, colorful mirror particles, which were often mixed with polyester and toxic substances, to achieve this unique effect. Probably the intensive work in unhealthy environment has negatively impacted the health condition of Niki and she died after several complications of pneumonia at the age of 71 years.

The Nanas are a symbol of the strong, self-confident and independent woman

Niki de Saint Phalle black Nana

Three of the Nanas decorate one of the main streets in Hannover

Niki de Saint Phalle Hanover

The Nanas accentuate the flowering life the image of birth origin of women

Niki de Saint Phalle Wazzau Davos, Switzerland

For many, the white Nana is a symbol of the EXPO 2000 in Hannover, Germany

Niki de Saint Phalle Hanover emblem

In New York the Nanas are very well known and popular

Niki de Saint Phalle Nana yellow New York