Philip Plein Outlet – Casual Elegance And Cheeky Luxury For Special Moments

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Philipp Plein Outlet womens clothing 2014

Intend to visit the Philipp Plein Outlet? Learn more about the brand!

It’s always fun to know more about the things we love. If you are of the people who visit Philipp Plein Outlet in addition to other designer outlets, you should read the following information. Because you learn exciting facts about this famous designer.

He is certainly one of the extravagant in the modern world of dresses and accessories. Especially on the basis of its simplicity, its products have become popular so.

Plein was born in 1978 in Munich. He studied art and architecture in the Switzerland and specializes in home but again. He shows an interest in both areas since a very early age. To the extravagance, the love probably comes from the varied cultural influences which he experienced during his travels throughout the world. He undertook this together with his parents in the early, so concise period.

Precious leather, fur collar and metal rivets

Philipp Plein outlet women's collection leather coat rivets

His family was always on the most famous exhibitions in the field of art, as well as in design and architecture.

His resume since 1998

If you would like to look at its independent development, you would have to contact especially in the period after 1998. At that time he started with exclusive furniture made of leather.

Since this original time deepened his interest for leather working. Slowly, he developed the unique style that we know today.

Elegance in the Gothic style

Philipp Plein outlet women's collection 2014

2004-own brand

The first collection under his own brand comes to the world in 2004. The first store was opened in 2008 in Monte Carlo. The models of trousers and uppers of leather and with animist patterns are almost identical. But they remain always up-to-date!

If it’s not a great reason to buy into Philipp Plein Outlet?

Philipp Plein outlet design dresses fashion

Obsessed with luxury!

Philipp Plein is known for his obsession with the luxury. His idols are the rolling stones and Cindy Crawford. He has informed several times in public, that he would love to marry the model.

He sees success as the key to happiness. The own dream and what it has worked to achieve, is certainly of fundamental importance.

Spectacular show on the catwalk

Philipp Plein outlet women's collection 2014 cowboy country style

The proud designer himself

Philipp Plein outlet designer

Gloss and luxury in white – the 2014 summer collection

Philipp Plein Outlet of elegant Outlook white summer 2014

Premium shop

Philipp Plein Outlet business skull

The indispensable skull stands on almost every piece of jewelry

Philipp Plein Outlet skull ring accessories

Casual look for cool men

Philipp Plein Outlet men's fashion street style

Men’s collection in 2014

Philipp Plein outlet man fashion 2014

Fashion trends for women 2014

Philipp Plein Outlet summer women's collection 2014

Cheeky elegance – summer 2014

Philipp Plein Outlet summer collection 2014

Fancy retro look in red

Philipp Plein outlet women's collection 2014 autumn red retro

Casual outfit for sports men

Philipp Plein Outlet sports outfit men's 2014

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