Recycling Art – Unique, Graceful Insects By Edouard Martinet

Editor   December 19, 2014   Comments Off on Recycling Art – Unique, Graceful Insects By Edouard Martinet

recycling art Butterfly

Recycling art

We have already presented you some great examples of recycled art. It was above all sculptures from scrap metal or used motorcycle parts , etc. Today it comes to the art of the French artist Edouard Martinet. His style is unmistakable and you can see just his love of detail and his perfectionism. His tiny creatures are mainly insects and they look as if they come from another world.

Martinet collects scrap metal parts from auto repair to flea markets and car parts and tinkering so whimsical insects and other animals. He is not welding of the parts, but he tried to adapt it perfectly together. Usually, he works only with screws. He is very attentive to the aesthetics of the parts. He collects only these which then reproduce the 50s-style.

As you can see it yourself, it comes here to something unique and creative. Look at these magnificent creatures and find out for yourself!

Ant on the move

recycling art Ant

Ant from the front

recycling art Ant head

Fly with big eyes

recycling art fly eyes

A unique grille

recycling and art grille

The grasshopper

recycling and art Grasshopper

Little bug from an old typewriter parts

recycling and art beetle

Beetle from the rear

recycling and art beetle rear

A charming crayfish

recycling and art cancer

Filigree dragonfly

recycling and art Dragonfly

Moth in Brown and black

recycling and art night Butterfly

Head moth

recycling art night Butterfly head

The head of the butterfly close

recycling and art Butterfly detail

The butterfly

recycling and art Butterfly head

A thirsty WaSP

recycling and art WaSP

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