Sculptures Of Glass Remembering The Splendour Of The Ocean

sculptures glass sea ocean turquoise colors

Surrealist figures made by hand

You remember Ben Young, the unusual sculptor from Australia, of which we have already written? He is back with his peculiar sculptures made of glass, which have taken the diverse wonders of the sea, unless now stormy and wild or calm and clear.

Sculptures made of glass by Ben Young

sculptures from glass sea ocean Lighthouse

His new collection will exhibit at sculpture object functional art and design (SOFA) in Chicago next month to young. These pieces show solitary objects from the sea border – a sole fisherman or an isolated island with a single Palm tree.

A lonely House

sculptures from glass sea ocean iceberg Island

The artist uses no high-tech equipment. He grinds by hand and tinkering itself all the glass pieces by layer by layer one to the next, to recreate the subtle sea waves.

Still water stresses the loneliness

sculptures design glass sea ocean artfully

Island with a single Palm tree care

sculptures glass sea lonely Ocean Palm

Several ice caps

sculptures from glass sea ocean iceberg sculptures glass sea ocean colors

A lone fisherman

sculptures from glass sea ocean fish man

Abstract lines

sculptures figurines glass sea ocean ground

sculptures ice figures glass sea ocean object

A lighthouse in the middle of the stormy sea

sculptures glass sea ocean object lonely

Minimalist and exotic created

sculptures from glass sea ocean Palmbaum

Photographed fishermen in the boat from above

figures glass sea ocean Palmbaum sculptures water turquoise blue-green glass sea ocean waves home