Street Art Artist Paul Walsh May Spray Officially In His Town

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Streetart artists chimpanzees Selfie

Street art artist Paul Walsh got the permission to paint the cabinets in his town

The history of 15 artistic distribution boxes in Auckland, New Zealand is somewhat unexciting:

After a few beers, Paul Walsh has drawn the grouchy cat on the wall in the dog park near his house. This caused a great commotion in the neighborhood. A good friend he wrote an article in the local newspaper. Coincidentally it was read by someone that worked – for chorus the company that owns the distribution boxes in the city. Paul Walsh asked to me if he would paint the cabinets instead.

Fear of the black and white

Streetart artists fear before of the white and black planet

For each distribution box, artist street art received a small fee, which is just enough to cover the materials and his time. He used the Internet memes as inspiration for some of his works, because the boxes are the physical Internet connection. Pictures such as “AstroSloth” and “awkward seal” were most likely transmitted through this mailing list, long before Walsh painted them on the outside of the boxes.

“You get really good” – says Paul Walsh and reviewing to make more of them across the country. Why not actually around the world?

“Astrosloth” is one of the first distribution boxes, which were sprayed on by Paul

Streetart artists Astrosloth

The seal was often transmitted via Internet inside the distribution box

Streetart artists awkward seal

Paul Walsh is a street art artist and Illustrator from New Zealand

Streetart artists Capitan rat

Paul Walsh is best known by his animal series distribution box

Streetart artists the Dove Ponsonby

Paul is a young and promising artists

Streetart artists DJ Willis

His geometric landscape can be interpreted in many ways

Streetart artists geometric landscape

Brave image name and a gifted hand

Streetart artists of greedy star dust

“The Hippster-cat”

Streetart artists hipster cat

“The dog in clothes”

Streetart artists dog in human clothing

“The white punk cock”

Streetart artists punk cock

‘The clever cat’

Streetart artists sly cat

“The cat with sparkling eyes”

Streetart artists shiny cat

The bird with the jacket and coffee cup

Streetart artists bird with arms

Ruapehu Hahn expressive and lively

Streetart artists bird Ruapehu cock

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