Street Art Artist The Anonymous Knight Of The Night

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Streetart artists Banksy boring

Street art artists know no borders and frames

Street art is Visual art created in public places locally. Normally, that’s not approved artwork. You up beyond the framework of conventional exhibition venues and artistic perception. The term ‘Street Art’ gaining popularity during the graffiti boom in the early 80s and is still applied in the next scale period.  Schablonen-, gekleisterte posters, stickers, pop art, graffiti, road installations or sculptures are the frequent expressions of modern street art.

Kaamila reduces more than he tells. For the shading of some portraits, he used even explosives

Streetart artists Kaamila Portugal modern met

With the arrival of the 21en century, are additional forms of expression such as video projection, knitting graffiti or lock online known sculptures.

The terms “urban art” “guerrilla” art, post graffiti or neo-graffiti be used even when the judgments of a work. Very often also the spray has graffiti with artistic value that artistic category. Both actions are not included in this category.

During the operation of Evol is really hard to detect whether or not the building is real

Streetart artists Evol

It connects obey except with clothes, with its world famous Visual propaganda

Streetart artists obey giant

Banksy works with templates and has an instantly recognizable handwriting

Streetart artists Banksy love

Artists who choose the road as her Studio and exhibition space, communicate directly with the audience, free of restrictive perception of the formal art world. Often, artists present socio political content, which host with which they attract attention and an art – art provocation of aesthetic values are steeped in street art.

The Portuguese talent leaves his offbeat portraits in various cities

Streetart artists Kaamila Portugal Hesse

The embassies of street art are often scarce, clear and determined

Streetart artists Banksy Mcdoof

One thing is clear the street art has a global intensity

Streetart artists Shahab East

Artist street art visit often spread to other countries and their designs and messages. Some of them have proper cult followers and attract the attention of the media. You sell their works and thus better known on the street. Others are famous for the provocative and social critical content of their works without the information media. Many of the street art artists prefer to remain anonymous. In the art scene, they appear only by their pseudonyms.

Kaamila façade portrait in Poland

Streetart artists Kaamila Poland

Here the French JR has left its mark in the gigantic German capital

Streetart artists JR Berlin

without words…

Streetart artists Banksy Plakativ


Banksy is a world-famous street artist from Bristol, UK.  His name, date of birth or place of birth are uncertain, because it is much more important that his works all over the world can be found. Already, some of his works are exhibited in London museums and even in the Louvre in Paris.

The statements by Banksy are very critical and almost merciless

Streetart artists Banksy Man

In typical British fashion we find something sad humor in his work

artist Banksy street art

A better world could very well be…

Streetart artists Banksy Park

OS Gemeos

Basically, he works in Brazil, but his unique style can be seen in various places around the world.

The reduced characters of OS Gemeos have an incredibly strong emotional loading

Streetart artists OS Gemeos

These five friends are photographed, for example, in Canada

Streetart artists OS Gemeos Vancouver

Order painting for a Brazilian plane

Streetart artists OS Gemeos BrazilBlu

Blu is known with his strictly political-oriented Visual statements. His work style is like OS Gemeos – murals. His work is ambitious and talented. There are countless animated videos of him in the social networks.

Blu is currently still popular even as Banksy. Ensure its warning and critical content

Streetart artists Blu

JR is best known for his black-and-white street art photographer and artist,

Streetart artists JR provocativeROA

ROA comes from Belgium and quickly developed his gift as a result of hard work. The gigantic animals all over the world are his handwriting.

The animals are the guns brand of ROA

Streetart artists ROA Rome

Oversized painted and often in a situation of imprisonment

Streetart artists ROA Belgium LondonAakash

Aakash Nihalani creates optical illusions with simple bright Ribbon. His works are simple geometric shapes and complex formations according to the same principle.

At Aakash works, we focus on the pure geometry

Streetart artists Aakash Nihalani

Aakash integrates people into his projects or shows aspects of a wall within the illusion

Stree tart artist Aakash urban illusion

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