The Colorful Giants In Vancouver

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colorful giants in Vancouver people

The colored silos of Vancouver

Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo call themselves the authors of the project, we want to present today. They are twin brothers. Even their nicknames, mean when translated it from the Portuguese. ‘Os Gemeos’ are they.

This work is typical of the Brazilian mentality. Still it symbolizes trends typical for this country.

But it is located in the North of the border of the tropical country very far. The exact location is Granville Iceland in Vancouver. It’s about the colour and performing character interpretation of silos within the industrial zone of the city. In the high they reach 23 meters. For their work, the artists had about 7, 200 square meters available.

For about a month it took to complete this work.

Certainly one of the main achievements of this project to brighten the mood through color isThe colorful Giants

the colorful giants in Vancouver building

This is very important in heavily industrialized areas of major cities.

-The reference to the environment

Colored objects are found in the area in their places. The silos appear together as a great accent area, to which the other smaller objects refer.

Also match the located on the coast of modern high-rise buildings.

-Semantic reference, work motivation and playfulness

To make something special by the project from working here involved people

twin brothers giants in Vancouver artists

Perfect for the modern world, where promotion of work motivation plays a much more important role than ever before.

The silos appear to serve as a Museum for the professions exercised here. You have been portrayed by the characters themselves, but also by the depicted work scenes in a great way.

Such a kind of aesthetic changes in the major cities is becoming increasingly important.  You can long discuss how well they enroll in the aesthetics of the cities.

But one thing is certain: interesting and colorful is better than monotonous and ugly!

round alive colorful giants in Vancouver characters

The new invites from Vancouver

colorful giants in Vancouver yellow face

Fashion faces

dresses Gigantenin Vancouver faces

Seen from below

the colorful giants in Vancouver green clothes

Funny created

the colorful giants in Vancouver ideas

Bright colors

pink green design the colorful Giants Vancouver dresses

Animated giant

industrial the colorful Gigantenin Vancouver silos

The boring silos out

construction materials the colorful giants in Vancouver twins

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